Sole Killers Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Sole Killers

Posted on Sunday, February 12, 2012 by Wit-E

By Wit-E Beats

Some of us have grown up with an ever growing love for sneakers. To some, sneakers are made to be collected and treasured like sports cards. They never dare to wear their precious Jays or limited edition SBs. Many times these type folk often forget what kix they even own. But in my opinion, sneakers are made for wearing. That is one of my favorite things about them. Not only can I admire how they look, but I can enjoy them for their intended use.

I have so many memories from my lifetime attached to what kix I was rocking at the time. I have never and probably will never cop a pair strictly for show. Actually, as I am typing this I'm remembering I own an extra pair of the SPoT Cigar Dunks, which were purchased with the sole (See what I did there?) intent of never wearing them. That is surely temporary because after my first pair is dogged I am almost certain I will end up wearing them.

Basically I buy what I like and wear my $h!t. Too many "sneakerheads" these days are buying for the wrong reasons and it has the game all f^&ked up. There are cats diving into this world with big eyes and dreams of dollars. Yes, sneakers have become big bid'niss. Time and time again I see crazed savages grabbing every pair around with intentions to resell and make a fortune. These f^&k faces are the ones who post ads on eBay before they even have the kix in their possession. Or they run ads on Craigslist with the price marked $100 over retail the day after the sneakers drop, often with those same kix being available online or in stores for retail. These mu'f^&kas are vampires sucking the life out of sneakers. F^&k those bitches.

Now, no matter how lame the scene becomes I have and will always have a genuine love for sneakers, so I don't see myself tossing in the towel and sliding some choncletas, “mandals,” Crocs, or any other various peep-toe bull$h!t on my feet. However, I will not support the hype and I wish others would follow suit. Those of you paying these insane prices for kix are as bad as those reselling. If you can't grab a pair for retail then DON'T COP.

It seems damn near every pair that has ever come out is going to come back out AGAIN, so just wait and buy the retro. Of course we have all learned the quality of retros decreases with multiple releases, but that is the price you pay for sleeping on the OGs. If you peeps would have been hip to $h!t cuz you're cool, then you would have experienced owning many of the sneakers you covet for the price they were intended to cost. But sadly, so many of you came to the party late, and you're now scrambling to earn cred as if you've been down. These are the dudes who own maaaad sneakers...but not one pair older than two years. Or maybe they own a single pair of “silver box” SBs they paid $500 for...

"We don't believe you, you need more people."

The hype that is now attached to almost any sort of Jordan, Foam, KD, Lebron, or SB Quickstrike has gotten out of hand, so it has become hard for true heads copping for legit reasons to obtain pairs due to the leeches devouring every pair around. I know it's hard for those of you who don't have means to cop by way of a connect, because stores sell out and websites crash, but I also feel people are getting lazy. So lace up your beaters and hit the streets or Google the f^&k outta yo $h!t to find yourself a pair, and please stop paying these bogus-ass prices. If the market is flooded with product, prices DROP. That seems to be common sense. "But common sense ain't common."

Anyway...I’m for now, I'm out.


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