Mike Mo and Tony Hawk's House: SPoT Life Lurking Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Mike Mo and Tony Hawk's House: SPoT Life Lurking

Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

When we landed at LAX, it was 1am our time. It was a two hour drive to Mike Mo's house where we arrived and went straight to the local bar in his little hometown of Simi Valley, The Arena. What a scene. After shutting that down and then having heavy metal parking lot lurk for yet another hour out front, Schaefer, HiDefJoe, and I were up for well over 24 hours still trying to hold it down. After a few hours of sleep camping out in Mike Mo's living room, we woke them up, headed to the Girl/Chocolate facility, then on to Tony Hawk's house two hours away. In less than 24 hours, so much crap went down. Here's a few photos from the adventure.

Poler has been making some top quality camping gear, so I packed up a tent to set up in Mike Mo's living room for the night.
It was like legit camping with the Lion Cat creeping all night with the cone of shame.
Make sure to tag up Mike Mo's coffee table when you stop by.
Right above the fireplace is a cup where you toss playing cards into from across the room. Most of the cards don't make it in.
Mike Mo's neighborhood reminds me of Brandon, Florida. It's like your nice, regular classic American housing area for grown-ups.
This is just a small sample of Mike Mo's boards he's collected, including his first one with the pizza on it.
After struggling to get Mike Mo and his roommate David Loy out of bed at 10am, we were off to the Girl/Chocolate facility. This "napping negro" Jovante Turner board was released at the height of the offensive skateboard graphics era back in the 90's by World Industries. It's hanging on the wall in Sam Smyth's office.
Of course we had to post up on the Crail Couch.
There's amazing amounts of skateboard history in the offices there. These are the invisible boards from Yeah Right.
Here's where you'd like to go on a shopping spree.
David Loy runs the tranny in the TF.
Oh man, Mike Mo had to work a lot harder for the Frontside Grind Mag cover than he did for that fakie 5-0 fakie 360 flip out.
Thanks for letting us barge the TF.
Craig Chimile is one of the OG Tampa locals turned California transplant.
This is Mike Mo's first time doing this half cab noseslide switch big heel out. He'll have plenty of new stunts for you in the Girl part of the Chocolate video.
David Loy's got it on the ledges, too - fakie 5-0 to forward.
Nine frames per second isn't quite fast enough to capture this crazy underflip thing Mike Mo does. There was one trick he wouldn't let us film or shoot photos of that he's keeping under wraps until the Girl/Chocolate video.
It's time to go, but not before a classic group photo op. It's me, Mike Mo, Schaefer, David Loy, and HiDefJoe.
We made the two hour drive and we're now at Tony Hawk's house skating his backyard. After all this time, his backside ollies are still some of the best you'll ever see.
If Tony Hawk were Brian Schaefer, then Jesse Fritsch would be Ryan Clements, as far as bid'niss relations go.
Mike Sinclair, the Toy Machine TM, can still throw his weight around on the board. That's a back smith in the tight shallow end.
Of course we need Birdman on SPoT Life to boost our ratings.
Sunset at Tony's is amazing.
Next to the bowl is a nice endless pool to the sea. Thanks for having us, Tony. Watch for the SPoT Life Episode about this 24 hour adventure on the Ride Channel soon.

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