Toy Machine Digital Product Toss Results Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Toy Machine Digital Product Toss Results

Posted on Wednesday, July 18, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with "jaycob.emran99" came out on top. Check your email, Mr. Jaycob.emran99. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing.

jaycob: PLUCK the contest. I just wanna know how Layton does those clean-ass switch tre-flips. 07/17/12 07:18 PM
butter: layton soty 2012 07/17/12 07:42 PM
samuel: this would look nice next to my autographed picture of gary coleman! 07/17/12 01:13 PM
Baddes: Lets get it! 07/17/12 09:57 PM
jcove3: Toy Machine has been killing it with a sick team including Billy Marks, Leo Romero, and Johnny Layton. 07/17/12 11:31 AM
affili: pineapples = 07/17/12 02:30 PM
sneath: dear skatepark of tampa, i am a big fan of johnny layton and would enjoy having this skateboard so it can sit on my wall. sincerely, me 07/17/12 11:34 AM
stephe: Toymachine kicks ass! 07/17/12 07:18 PM
lsdemo: i am willingly a loyal pawn to toy, plus dan lu rips so give me a board 07/17/12 07:19 PM
cycleh: too cool!! 07/17/12 11:34 AM
stloui: toy machine rox 07/17/12 07:32 PM
steven: Lik a som boooooooodddeeeeee 07/17/12 11:54 PM
celtic: Yo Rob this is Terrance Froberg bro,this mustve had been meant to be, i just snapped the tail off mine yesterday 07/17/12 11:43 AM
toxic1: Pick me and Ill let you take me out to dinner P.S. Someplace fancy P.S.S. You're paying P.S.S.S. Olive Garden isn't fancy. 07/17/12 07:30 PM
wolves: Johnny Rocks! 07/17/12 11:45 AM
spudz1: Yes please 07/17/12 01:07 PM
jdunn@: Big Boy Switch Tre Flips! 07/17/12 12:55 PM
brianp: Toy Machine is a beautiful person. 07/17/12 07:22 PM
Thegre: So rad! 07/17/12 12:03 PM
morgan: toy machines are good boards especialy for spot 07/17/12 03:27 PM
Ceidan: Dang thats really nice!! I would totally hit that wood lol. 07/17/12 10:35 PM
jason.: what you do is who you are - make skateboarding your drug of choice - some addictions can never be kicked... Toy Machine Ad 07/17/12 03:59 PM
ericmd: Sick graphic. Wouldnt expect anything less from SPoT! 07/17/12 10:31 PM
killer: Yes! 07/17/12 12:12 PM
brydwi: Me pleaseeee ... Thats what she said 07/17/12 11:46 AM
sergio: toy machines are my favorite boards you guys have the best boards and the best riders 07/17/12 07:36 PM
asiang: I hope I win! 07/17/12 06:22 PM
mikeso: This will look good next to my signed Templeton board 07/17/12 11:30 AM
ruben@: Imagine if I got randomly picked WWJD O.o? 07/17/12 03:19 PM
Killer: Layton is a damn boss. 07/17/12 10:01 PM
ms.pac: Sick graphic, great skater. 07/17/12 12:01 PM
hobosk: Johnny Layton is the man! Toy machine the OG! 07/17/12 11:31 AM
spotsk: I only skate Toy Machine. I need this! 07/17/12 11:59 AM
Burnsi: Sweet TM deck. Bf is an AWESOME sk8r dad, always at SPoT w/his boys. Dad is saving $ for a new deck for them. Would love to surprise them! 07/17/12 11:58 AM
iam4g1: the legend of gator face 07/17/12 09:40 PM
Livefr: Toy machine has the coolest graphics. 07/17/12 11:54 AM
reigns: siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick! 07/17/12 05:56 PM
fragth: Long live the Toy Machine robot! 07/17/12 11:41 AM
curtis: when exacty is wednesday afternoon morning 07/17/12 11:59 AM
catman: Yesssssss! 07/17/12 06:45 PM
brassm: if I get lost and die on a cross at least I wasnt born in a manger 07/17/12 07:30 PM
skatin: Tempster has a purple scrotebag and likes to shoot fizzy gravy on his front lawn 07/17/12 07:29 PM
rootbe: Yuppp! Gimme! 07/17/12 12:00 PM
robmer: Ed Templeton is naked right now. 07/17/12 11:20 AM
pjense: I had a Freudian slip with my wife at dinner. I meant to ask her to pass the butter, but instead, I said "You bitch, youve ruined my life." 07/17/12 10:40 PM
ajorti: PLUCK BITCHES, GO SKATE, REPEAT 07/17/12 11:29 AM
watz1@: 07/17/12 11:43 AM
danaed: this is so rad id give it to my man when he comes home from prison 07/17/12 07:21 PM
brian.: Please? 07/17/12 05:03 PM
tonyfo: Once again, Toy Machine ftw. 07/17/12 10:35 PM
mewile: J. Lay dont play. No comply big heels and a beast switch tre. 07/17/12 11:39 AM
alex78: Cmon, when will Joe Nemeth put out a new part? 07/17/12 12:45 PM
alex.1: need a deck for my wall 07/17/12 11:31 AM
jorge_: hell yeah toy machine decks are sick !! 07/17/12 09:18 PM
dubste: Johnnys my boy! 07/17/12 06:41 PM
ewskat: i always wanted a signed deck 07/17/12 11:29 AM
domini: toy machine is awesome 07/17/12 11:37 AM
halo95: if i get this board JOHNNY will get LayedTons of times! 07/17/12 03:55 PM
fozzyb: 2012/07/internet-memes-energy-transfer.gif 07/17/12 11:29 AM
subaru: Wow, glad I saw this when I did! 07/17/12 12:10 PM
crayon: Sexy, sexy. 07/17/12 12:11 PM
hollow: I just broke my toy machine board outside grinding. Snapped right in half. >.< And my arents wont cough up the cash for a new one. JERKS!!! 07/17/12 10:18 PM
kermi1: JLay is rad! Awesome style. Killer artwork! 07/17/12 08:59 PM
Ashbug: My fiancé is William mcgaha the one with all the toy tats! He would love this! And the weddings coming up so perfect wedding gift :) 07/17/12 01:04 PM
joesol: What do you call a fish with no eyes? FSHHHHHHHH! It works much better when actually said out loud I now realize. buhhhhhhh 07/17/12 12:00 PM
camata: Ive been riding a toy machine for almost 6 months and it is the best deck i've ever had! Please let me get this deck! 07/17/12 12:01 PM
allrea: Heres Johnny!!!! 07/17/12 11:36 AM
noahtw: j lay please look out! my board looksa like crap.i have never road a toymachine ever! please look out and i would be so appreciated. 07/17/12 07:23 PM
Briano: Johnnys the man. Switch tres for days. 07/17/12 11:52 AM
damnsk: I dont know what to say. Woof? 07/17/12 10:39 PM
Academ: Toy machine<3333333 07/17/12 10:41 PM
TimDre: Stay rad, have fun. 07/17/12 11:51 AM
btw117: love that ed is still running turtle boy,just with his team instead off andrew. 07/17/12 12:34 PM
jls569: Welcome to Hell still gets me stoked to skate! 07/17/12 07:25 PM
johnaw: Want it! 07/17/12 11:52 PM
michae: Sick board, be nice to win once 07/17/12 11:42 AM
kitten: I want this so bad! 07/17/12 06:26 PM
dillan: Skating that FL life. pass it here!! lol 07/17/12 11:38 AM
tjsidg: switch tre 07/17/12 10:28 PM
rubena: Im the most loyal pawn ever. 07/17/12 10:56 PM
mhcohe: J Lay and Toy Machine are sick! 07/17/12 09:17 PM
tahern: johnny kills 07/17/12 07:43 PM
w.isbe: lizards are the sheep and so is toy machine so i want it 07/17/12 11:46 PM
jon.sp: my asain friend banged j lay 07/17/12 07:23 PM
Galaxy: Best skater. Johnnys dope. 07/17/12 11:57 AM
djfan2: The board can make you levitate and kick people with your fist 07/17/12 11:38 AM
blue6s: someone been nibblin on my sheep 07/17/12 07:36 PM
ryanjl: I want to get naked and chew your face off and build a rail ouot of your bones and do a board slide on it while im ingesting your innards. 07/17/12 11:32 AM
briani: A horse, a worm, and a catholic preist walk into a bar and the bartender says, "Hey, give me that signed Johnny Layton deck!" 07/17/12 12:39 PM
Xdance: Yes! Toy Machines the best. 07/17/12 11:53 AM
itz_da: i never had a Toy machine deck but i love there team id ride the sheep!! out of that bored. 07/17/12 07:24 PM
kickfl: thrash and destroy 07/17/12 08:38 PM
skater: Johnny Layton is base god! 07/17/12 01:48 PM
catdad: You guys are the best for doing this. Kissing butt helps my chances, right? ;) 07/17/12 06:31 PM
ddmaes: Does this board come with extra tartar? 07/17/12 07:21 PM
rogerb: How about a haiku? Oh, to have this board. Toy Machine I have adored. Gotta go, my drink got poured. 07/17/12 02:46 PM
Logant: What do you call an alligator in a vest? An in-vesta gator!!!! 07/17/12 04:19 PM
sebass: ima toy narc! 07/17/12 11:44 AM
jakepf: I went to New York once in 1981 and I just didnt feel safe 07/17/12 12:12 PM
pimpbo: blah 07/17/12 06:04 PM
vriver: would you like to watch me wash it? 07/17/12 11:42 AM
skateb: 07/17/12 11:32 AM
noahtw: j lay please look out on a fresh board. i havent had afresh 8.25 in along while. please be a homie and i would be very appreciated bro! 07/17/12 07:26 PM
esquiv: Toy Machine is a cool guy. 07/17/12 10:47 PM
j_k_l_: Girls use toy machine boards for their personal pleasure. If you know what I mean ;) 07/17/12 11:58 AM
toymac: ...need. 07/17/12 06:05 PM
joey_s: It would look so good with the 95 autographed pro models in my collection of boards through the years ! 07/17/12 12:44 PM
Godsen: Yus! 07/17/12 11:55 AM
Buffba: NEEEEED! 07/17/12 12:09 PM
persui: You down with OPP? 07/17/12 12:12 PM
mauric: toy machine artworks are instant classics! 07/17/12 01:59 PM
Briano: I really, really, want this. BAD. 07/17/12 06:33 PM
r_merr: Smitten may be one whose intent is to buy anything other than Toy Machine 07/17/12 07:37 PM
jmcrae: This machine would be my ticket to greatness..... 07/17/12 01:11 PM
Collin: Skate skate skate skating skate skate skate 07/17/12 11:11 PM
rachae: yes please 07/17/12 11:43 AM
george: Herp-a-derp. 07/17/12 11:58 AM
fighth: A christian once told me that a son of moses saw his father naked so god turned him black and this is where all black people come from.enjoy 07/17/12 10:43 PM
beacht: you gonna take as long to pick a winner as toy has in their goddamn insta-sock contest? cuz i cant hack waiting on another one.. 07/17/12 07:44 PM
camero: Does this board have switch tre powers? 07/17/12 12:52 PM
sambop: toy machine tickles my cunt 07/17/12 01:45 PM
othero: toy machine turtles touch the hearts of masses 07/17/12 11:44 PM
rydina: J Lay best switch tres in the bizz 07/17/12 11:31 PM
artska: I would like to declare under the jurisdiction of my fellow PLUCK ups and naysayers that Toy Machine is the antithesis of a bad acid trip. 07/17/12 12:30 PM
j.bell: These would go nice with his wheels :) 07/17/12 05:59 PM
Simon_: Thats an awsome graphic. Ed templeton is my favorite artist 07/17/12 12:31 PM
krabby: Im naked. 07/17/12 06:28 PM
thesto: If I dont get this I'll cry. 07/17/12 12:05 PM
theska: Toy Machine was my first deck!!! Wow im old, but youre older.. HAHA 07/17/12 07:19 PM
ram4ly: MIA DADE COUNTY WHERE WE MOVE DA CANE! 07/17/12 12:38 PM
Skateo: I need this! 07/17/12 11:56 AM
zachgo: 07/17/12 05:47 PM
andxan: I just got my first Toy Machine and its siiiick so now I need a signed one for my wall. 07/17/12 07:46 PM
cooper: i didnt want the terrorists to win so i ride toy machine till i die fo sooooo 07/17/12 05:39 PM
cbass7: j lay your man and you deffinetly should look out ona fresh board. please be homie and hook a bro up ona fresh board. ps keep shredn homie! 07/17/12 07:33 PM
ANKJOS: What that a lizard or frog? 07/17/12 02:12 PM
llarsp: Hi im Lar My life other than making bowel movements is all about skating. Other than that i always wanted to win a web contest but havent. 07/17/12 07:29 PM
boatin: This will go on my ceiling and I will fall asleep looking at it every night. 07/17/12 12:07 PM
erickl: Do we win that sexy bust too? ;) 07/17/12 12:06 PM
smitty: This is dope, the winner will be super lucky. 07/17/12 12:06 PM
abskat: knock knock; whos there? Boo; Boo who? Man up why you crying! 07/17/12 11:30 AM
Khamda: Two bananas sitting on the river bank and a turd floats by. One banana looks at the other and says, "you believe this sheep?" 07/17/12 11:49 AM
wrxtre: I got a dollar, I got dollar, I got a dollar, hey hey, hey hey. But its not enough for a deck. sheep! 07/17/12 11:37 AM
fialak: skoy tachine mateboards 07/17/12 09:43 PM
kawagu: 07/17/12 11:30 AM
critts: IM POOPING RIGHT NOW SO... THIS WOULD BE SOME RAD sheep, A sheep WORTH TALKING ABOUT!? sheep CAPS LOCK.... 07/17/12 09:34 PM
cab910: J.Lay kills it! Hes got a style that just flows when he skates and he thinks outside the box. A beast for sure! 07/17/12 11:29 AM
guitar: Over here! 07/17/12 11:29 AM
lpesca: Ed Templeton artwork!!! Love Toy Machine!!! 07/17/12 11:23 AM
Thecan: I hide from @tempster_returns so I dont appear on 07/17/12 03:56 PM
devili: Ahh, perfect! 07/17/12 09:53 PM
skater: the character on Johnnys board looks like he's doing a switch tre, seems appropriate... 07/17/12 11:42 AM
skittl: Why arent more people entering this? It's Johnny Freakin' Layton! 07/17/12 06:38 PM
OkcTra: Im sure that Leo Romero looking Sculpture had a great time with that sexy board ;) 07/17/12 07:26 PM
pachec: Toy machine boards r so sick to skate with I like them :) 07/17/12 10:41 PM
gatork: Favorite skater, dude kills it. 07/17/12 12:04 PM
myname: TOY MACHINE! YAY! 07/17/12 11:12 PM
overth: i could really use this board cause moneys tight and i plan on actually skating it 07/17/12 02:21 PM
djscov: This is actually Johnny Layton. I got all of my boards and gear stolen. I cant ride without one. Please send me this deck so I can shred. 07/17/12 10:03 PM
eamata: TOY MACHINE!!!!!!!!!! 07/17/12 12:57 PM
oldbit: now serving frog legs at big boys 07/17/12 06:07 PM
franci: Support the Frisco has just learned tre flips foundation! 07/17/12 02:40 PM
trolle: I want this so bad! 07/17/12 11:58 AM
artich: screw the board, i want the male mannequin! 07/17/12 01:16 PM
llarsp: Im entering this because i just tried to enter in and never go the confirmation email. Try 2 why is there only 140 character I need more. 07/17/12 07:38 PM
cliche: Toy machine is the balls. 07/17/12 06:02 PM
mikemy: toy machine is rad!!! 07/17/12 09:32 PM
ishbu1: I am HIGHLY FAVORED 07/17/12 09:17 PM
jpenic: BIG BOY! 07/17/12 03:11 PM
arnsam: hey 07/17/12 07:49 PM
arnold: nice deck ;) 07/17/12 11:37 AM
supers: Could that board be switch tre able? 07/17/12 12:01 PM
dgofil: j lay got hops just like the cartoon on the board 07/17/12 08:48 PM
sean.b: JLay for the win!!!!!!!!!! 07/18/12 12:10 AM
afox10: Gonzo. 07/17/12 11:28 AM
stvsb0: toy machine rocks!!!! 07/17/12 11:42 AM
jamesb: I love my girlfriend :) 07/17/12 06:05 PM
signal: i must obey the bloodsucking company and comment! 07/17/12 10:07 PM
baknox: Toy machine makes the best boards and socks. Brostyle 07/17/12 10:45 PM
ironma: Toy Machine has been the best board brand since 93 07/17/12 11:17 PM
hello@: Who did the hitlers whiskers on that statue? 07/17/12 07:18 PM
iamama: !!!! 07/17/12 06:17 PM
tgrugg: Yeah Johnny! 07/17/12 07:52 PM
petere: toy machine is a recognized brand and has made its way throughout time it has attracted big name skaters and very important in the skate sce 07/17/12 11:39 AM
spitin: Eds Big Boy! 07/17/12 08:46 PM
jeffbl: Big Boy J-Lay been killing it Late-Lay! 07/17/12 11:38 AM
dustin: Toy Machine 2012 07/17/12 07:29 PM
pbridg: PLUCK THAT THING IS KILLER!!!! JL FOR LIFE!!!!!! 07/17/12 11:34 AM
imiche: Yeah 07/17/12 09:31 PM
ladere: im a big fan of johnny layton 07/17/12 01:01 PM
lsdemo: i am willingly a loyal pawn to toy, plus dan lu rips so give me a board 07/17/12 07:21 PM
cardo_: i NEED this deck 07/17/12 02:15 PM
omideg: I want this deck fo sho. Thats fo sho. haha what? 07/17/12 07:38 PM
zach.d: aw hells yeah you already know this deck is the meanest, i know you looking at it, i need this deck bad for real its like butttttttta 07/17/12 11:29 AM
nikola: toy machine fo fav decks becasue theyv always been been good to me. keep doing what your doin. ilove toy i love toy i love toy i lo 07/17/12 11:41 AM
skatec: this comment is straight outta binghamton,ny... toy machine is like crack, snap, pop. 07/17/12 12:22 PM
semloh: toy machine has the best pop 07/17/12 09:37 PM
sam.ha: no-comply big heel el toro 07/17/12 02:04 PM
losowa: toy machine is the best 07/17/12 12:15 PM
el_hub: toy machine is more awesomer than my uncle. and, hes pretty awesome. 07/17/12 08:32 PM
Flames: I rember how a toy machine was my first deck it snapped but it lasted 2 years so it ws really good 07/17/12 06:26 PM
skafor: I could see this graphic being for Lizard King if he ever went to Toy Machine, and decided to dress like 07/17/12 11:38 AM
xletsl: Holy sheep an artsy photo that wasnt made on instagram!? 07/17/12 12:02 PM
dutche: Tony hawks street skating 07/17/12 10:41 PM
kanese: I know that guy 07/17/12 12:41 PM
signin: Oh my god! 07/17/12 06:48 PM
patric: J-Lay is a beast! 07/17/12 07:39 PM
burnsi: This would mean the world to my S8kr dad BF and his sons. They are always at SPoT and hed give them the world. I want to win this for them! 07/17/12 12:12 PM


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