Copenhagen Pro 2012 Ring of Fire and Random People Watching Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Copenhagen Pro 2012 Ring of Fire and Random People Watching

Posted on Friday, July 27, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

In the span of a few minutes you'll see ladies of all ages, in all types of gear from short skirts to long dresses, fly by on bikes like this.
Steve Stratton and Christian Vankelst from Volcom on a sushi lunch. People eat that crap here, too? Ha, I'm too picky for that.
And we're all watching biker ladies roll by.
This is what I'd imagine is your standard Copenhagen bid'nissman. Here at the happiest place on earth, I've never seen anyone in a classic stiff American suit.
Did you see Clint Peterson's 10/Two yesterday? Now that's some quality people watching right there. That's a 360 flip.
Gabe Clement is here fresh off the plane and ready to work with us.
Still people watching.
Does HiDefJoe blend in as a local? Nope.
It's a nice sunset bike ride over to the FÆLLEDPARKEN where the Ring of Fire is, unless your bike got stolen like mine. My pushing leg is on fire.
Team Handsome!
24 hours later, HiDefJoe is still talking about the bangin' pork sandwiches being served up on the grill.
How old do you think these kids are? There are children everywhere here posted up with beers and smokes.
Zach Miller has some new fans. I bet these girls are having a beer and smoke right after this photo, too.
Robbie Russo is destroying the bowl right now. I spy TNT and Rhino.
A huge circle formed around this cop like a dance party. Skateboarding cops gets everyone hyped.
Chris Cole has a line of fans asking for a photo.
This is a small part of the scene all around the park. I spy the most partying Euro ginger out.
There was a little trouble getting the Ring of Spitfire hoisted up.
Ishod was the fist one through.
Chris Cole's got it no problem of course. Everyone's just figuring it out right now and about to step it up.
That is, until this kid baked his beans by nutting himself and knocking it down. As hard as that thing was to get upright, it was looking like it was done for the Ring.
This right here, ya'll, is DJ Wade, the baddest ass bad ass human being that gets flown around the world to push play. The ring is down and everyone is figuring out how to get it back up.
At this point, Schaefer jumps in and takes solo charge of the thing and straight up manhandles it into a position where it can be re-set.
It's back up, but it's super sketchy. TNT's got an early grab through it and landing in some slippery gasoline.
Robbie Russo snaps through as Schaefer and DJ Wade prop it up.
Clint Peterson took a snap.
Ishod has a near blind 360 flip over it. It's smoky and super dark and you can't see the landing.
Schaefer running it with one hand and in chill/sauce mode with the other.
And that's a wrap on another night. Thanks to the Thrasher crew for this amazing shindig.

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