Raging Bull Nike SB Dunk High Premium Review

Posted on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 by Wit-E

By Wit-E Beats

Today we get to preview an upcoming Nike SB Dunk High Premium that some are calling the “Raging Bull” Dunks. The entire upper, including the tongue, is composed of a black 3M reflective material. From my experience, 3M is not very durable when used as an upper, so these kix are definitely geared towards sneaker lovers and probably not suited for skating. The Swoosh and heel tab are light silver and appear to be made out of a thin rubber. The tongue tag is black and has red lettering, which matches the red stitching on the midsole. They have blue-tinted translucent outsoles and come with black laces and an additional set of red laces, which will come in handy for anybody who copped the black Levi’s Dunks. For some odd reason the Levi’s included two pairs of black laces instead of one black and one red. WTF?

These Raging Bulls are rumored to be the Quickstrike release for October (No, we don't know the exact date.) and you can sign up for the Foot Fetish voucher line right here.

You can also RSVP to SanctSHOEary, which is coming up November 3rd at SPoT Ybor and The Bricks. You will have a chance to win a pair of the blue Hyperstrike Nike SB x Levi’s Dunks at the event. More info on that coming soon.

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