Maloof Money Cup South Africa Qualifiers

Posted on Friday, September 28, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Get the full weekend schedule for Maloof Money Cup South Africa here. The weekend events will be live at Here's who you'll see skating in the Qualifiers on Saturday at 1pm, South Africa time. That's 7am Florida time and 4am California time. Stay up all night, America!

Jam 1

Danny Rosario

Curitiba Parana
Connexion Wheels, Expedition One, Destructo, Oakley, Circa (flow)

Garrett Hill

Vista CA
Zero, Fallen, Theeve, Active, Omit, Ashbury, Pig Wheels

Louis Taubert

Kiel Germany
Volcom, Enjoy, DVS, Electric, Spitfire, Destructo, Support Skate Shop, Modus

Jam 2

Sierra Fellers

Whitefish MT
Circa, Venture, Foundation, CCS, Dakine, Bones Wheels, Arnette

David Bachinsky

Lowell MA
Think, Oakley, Pioneer Skate Shop, Hubba, Venture, FKD, Vox, Grizzly, Snap, CCS

Moses Adams

Cape Town South Africa
KFD Skateboards, Skullcandy, DC

Jam 3

Alexandre Massotti

Barcelona Spain/Brazil
Osiris, About Skateboards, Free Skate Shop

Manny Santiago

Lowell MA
Ammo, Famous Stars and Straps, Tensor, Hubba, Axion, The Room Board Shop, Quinton, MSA, Etcetera, Grizzly, Diamond, Andele Bearings

Luis Tolentino

Red Bull, Shut, DVS, Supreme, Bones Bearings, Famous, Spitfire, Thunder, Arnette,

Jam 4

Andrew Reynolds

Lakeland FL
Baker, Indy, Emerica, Shake Junt, Altamont, Stance, Nixon, Spitfire, Pharmacy

Justin Figueroa aka Figgy

Irvine CA
Active Ride Shop, Independent, Altamont Clothing, Emerica, Baker, OJ Wheels, Shake Junt

Es Sutat

Saraburi Thailand
Deluxe, Fallen, Singha Beer

Jam 5

Bryan Herman

Victorville CA
Emerica, Baker, Pharmacy, Spitfire, Thunder, Altamont, Shake Junt, Happy Hour

Braydon Szafranski

Las Vegas NV
Baker, Independent, Hubba, Skatepark of Tampa Party Team, Shake Junt, Happy Hour Shades

Dlamini Dlamini

Durban South Africa
Element, DC, Skull Candy, Nokia

Jam 6

Fabio Cristiano

San Paulo
Nike SB, Crail, Agaace Boards

Justin Brock

Real, Thunder, Spitfire, Nike SB, Roughneck Hardware, Huf, Quiksilver, Stratosphere

Micky Papa

Vancouver BC
Plan B, DC, RDS, One Love Shop, FKD, Silver, Bones, Markisa Wallets, Nixon

Jam 7

Neverton Casella

Cascavel Brazil
About Skateboards, Rufus Skateshop

Luan Oliveira

Porto Alegre Brazil
Flip Skateboards, Nike, Flip Wheels, Matriz Skate Shop, Indy, Mob, Mdm 13

Ply Sittichok

Bangkok Thailand
Deluxe, Fallen, Singha Beer

Jam 8

Kurtis Colamonico

Long Beach CA
Famous Stars and Straps, Famous Footwear, Kontrol Wheels, Furnace Skateshop, JW Motor Sports, Ink Works Tattoo Shop, Kicker Sounds, Diamond, Venture, Daggers, Mophie

Kechaud Johnson

Dallas TX
City Stars, Neff, Action Park Alliance, Krux, Red Bull, Kicker, Index Skate Shop, Power Balance

Kelvin Hoefler

Sao Paulo Brazil
Rockstar Energy Drink, Broken Skateboards, Theeve Trucks, Qix Shoes, Moska Wheels, HD Clothing, Rock Star Bearings

Jam 9

Collin Provost

Huntington Beach CA
Toy Machine, Emerica, Volcom, Thunder, Spitfire

Lizard King

Salt Lake City UT
Armourdillo, Deathwish, Shake Junt, Indy, Krew, Spitfire, Celtek Gloves, Skull Candy, Skatepark of Tampa Party Team, Supra, Stance, CCS

Chad Fernandez

Los Angeles CA
Brooklyn Projects Skate Shop, Indy

Jam 10

Max Genin

Grenoble France
DC, Propaganda Skateboards, WESC, Indy, Moscova, Laglisse Skate Shop

Ryan Decenzo

Vancouver B.C. Canada
Darkstar, Globe, Nixon, Dakine, Red Bull, RDS Apparrel, Neff, Bones, Arnette, Orion Trucks, Kicker, OC Ramps

Felipe Gustavo

Brasilia Brazil
Plan B, Venture, FKD, Bones wheels, DC, Nixon, LRG, Foot Printer Insoles

Jam 11

Ronnie Creager

Orange CA
Blind Skateboards, Etcetera, Tensor, Bones Wheels

Tommy Fynn

Brisbane Australia
Matix Clothing, Stereo, Lakai, Picture Wheel Company, Modus bearings, Ashbury, The Bay Skate

JP Oliveira

Sao Paulo Brazil
DC (flow), S2 Skateboards, HD Clothing

Jam 12

Nick Merlino

Atlantic City NJ
Foundation, Dekline Footwear, Pig Wheels, Krux, Neff, RPM

Feroze Rahman

Bukit Panjang Singapore
D.A.D, Vans, Love Skatepark, Sotong

Farris Rahman

Bukit Panjang Singapore
D.A.D, Vans, Love Skatepark, Sotong

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