Element Nick Garcia Digital Product Toss Results Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Element Nick Garcia Digital Product Toss Results

Posted on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with "buggycool5" came out on top. Check your email, Mr. Buggycool5. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing.

buggyc: This is my element!!!!... you see wat i did there? 11/14/12 01:37 AM
maya.v: Element is the best skateboard company ever! They have heart, look at Nyjah, whens the last time a black skater has done well!?(non-racist) 11/14/12 08:42 AM
celtic: Element rules! 11/13/12 02:34 PM
ginopu: that board is sick go kill it nick garcia 11/13/12 02:40 PM
xskate: dude rips, glad he got a sponsor. 11/13/12 09:38 PM
biz@ga: Ive always loved Elements style in the skate world. 11/13/12 11:27 PM
jan41@: whats an element 11/13/12 03:26 PM
crawfo: Evan Smith better be next! 11/14/12 01:05 AM
travis: I PUT THE STD IN STUD, ALL I NEED IS U 11/13/12 03:43 PM
ntorre: Love element and need a new deck! 11/13/12 12:17 PM
Pip.24: Nick Garcia has been my favorite skater for as long as I can remewmber! And Element was my first skateboard! 11/14/12 10:00 AM
wetwil: Wind Water Fire Earth : ELEMENT 11/13/12 07:40 PM
tunasa: Did I win? What is this place? Where are my pants? Nick Garcia, welcome to the family. 11/13/12 11:59 PM
Lilsle: Element wood=skateboards fire=smoke water=something and so on!! Element skate on 11/13/12 04:08 PM
leeway: Dude it would be awesome to have that 11/14/12 07:36 AM
bradle: that sideways rock to fakie is th shiiiiiit! 11/13/12 04:24 PM
willai: dont know what to write but it would be cool if i won this 11/13/12 11:24 PM
mandmm: i have loved element and their team since the 90s.....now i feelextremely old. glad i got skateboarding to keep me hott and young. 11/13/12 09:19 PM
jackso: im a fan of all the element team so this board will be added to my small collection 11/13/12 04:28 PM
Jrj071: as if it wasnt expected, congrats on turning pro!! 11/13/12 12:12 PM
Tattoo: Element!!! Rocks!!! 11/13/12 04:14 PM
daniel: Congrats garcia u da boss 11/13/12 09:45 PM
rayray: no comment 11/13/12 09:04 PM
msende: WHAT WHAT NICK G ON THE E 11/13/12 05:44 PM
Skateb: I love spot 11/13/12 09:28 PM
nico77: kids good 11/13/12 07:11 PM
mikema: 15 years ago I started skating, first board was an element! 11/13/12 09:36 PM
hmicuc: I wanted to marry Nick Garcia but I will settle for this. 11/13/12 11:56 PM
Krissy: My son loves Element skate gear and would love this. 11/13/12 12:26 PM
Bernar: Coolio yo, who doesnt need a new deck? 11/14/12 07:08 AM
josh.m: Future Nature was the best video ever. 11/13/12 12:29 PM
jpenic: shoert comment 11/13/12 01:31 PM
Chrisc: Sick boards! Sickest team ever! 11/13/12 04:32 PM
phill.: whats uo spot , i have been riding element board since i started skating and , and element has the best boards and i need a set up ,,please 11/13/12 09:22 PM
src432: Congrats to Nick! 11/13/12 07:29 PM
vanjen: Heh..I wonder if Chad Muska can still spin records and do a muska flip at the same on an element board. Anyway...congrats Nick..your pro. 11/14/12 08:48 AM
Chase5: Element is evolving into the company it was ment to be from evolving from its teenage years with Bam into a more mature company with Nick 11/13/12 03:13 PM
gibabe: wow thats sick i love the color scheme element ftw 11/13/12 09:53 PM
Luke.p: Know Nick, Know Element. No Nick, No Element. 11/13/12 05:08 PM
skater: nick garcia can tre to noseblunt down a hand rail i can ollie off a curb 11/13/12 06:18 PM
karlho: I want that! 11/13/12 09:32 PM
capend: first boards I ever bought.. loved em, raw ass team too. 11/13/12 05:23 PM
darius: cooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllll i love skateparkoftampa 11/13/12 08:40 PM
mcleme: Im so happy Element made Nick pro. Evan Smith's next, right? Haha. 11/13/12 01:24 PM
Wright: Thats a sick board! Plain and simple, Element is the Schitzer, have been rocking their gear for years. 11/14/12 08:35 AM
gtuthi: Element is doing great stuff for skateboarding right now. So glad they dropped off the Bam Margera thing. PHYEW. 11/13/12 01:35 PM
camero: About time! that girlboy rips! 11/13/12 12:36 PM
nikola: The Future of Skateboarding looks good with guys like Nick 11/13/12 02:18 PM
mr.joe: with this board I will finally get chicks. cause chicks like gold and autographed stuff and winners and with this I will have 3x mojo! 11/13/12 11:29 PM
cs2521: Yeah Nick! Congrats and SPOT rules! 11/13/12 10:16 PM
bencam: I am the Tin Man. 11/13/12 02:21 PM
Rjhall: I just want to win one of these Im so in need of a deck hook it up broski's 11/13/12 06:48 PM
Jamesd: Shut up and make me a bicycle clown 11/13/12 01:26 PM
csayal: Nick da Brick 11/13/12 10:55 PM
nycfre: Wind water fire Element! 11/13/12 11:00 PM
Tony.n: SPOT or die! 11/13/12 12:47 PM
skatec: element is the brand,most people cant stand. life is all political,when the tree is from the earth that gives birth turns skateboard life. 11/13/12 01:40 PM
josiah: Whad up!! 11/13/12 12:28 PM
jdunn@: Boo! I thought it was gonna be Boo! 11/13/12 04:53 PM
Andybu: Welcome to the big league 11/14/12 11:10 AM
raider: So...I did a measurement this morning..Nick Garcias ollies are just about my height...I'm 6'2 What does that say? 11/14/12 09:00 AM
gage.m: lets see were do I start.....element one of the older brands out there but some of the sickest riders!! welcome to the team nick! cant wait! 11/13/12 12:32 PM
Xtreme: Ive always wondered what Nick Garcia does with that pop he has..does he store some of it for later? We'll never know. Element is sick 11/13/12 09:34 PM
redwig: Thanks for always hooking it up with great deals! SPoT for life! 11/13/12 03:42 PM
Jshg62: Earth wind fire and water! Thats the og element, the band is pretty groovy too haha 11/13/12 09:46 PM
will33: This would be my first element deck in about 10 years. 11/13/12 07:18 PM
killar: no comment 11/13/12 09:03 PM
maltof: From Future Nature...To Present Pro..Nick Garcia definitely deserved his new pro reputation. Congrats! 11/14/12 08:55 AM
alex78: A momnet of silence for all the former riders that got element tattoos. 11/14/12 12:40 PM
hardfl: Ive always wondered if Element adds pop to Nick Garcia's boards for his satisfaction...Well..He's sick anyway. Nick definitely deserves. 11/14/12 08:52 AM
pander: Congrats on going Pro ! 11/13/12 02:01 PM
wrxtre: Heyyyyy! Sexy ladyyyyyyy! 11/13/12 02:36 PM
lpesca: Element is stepping up their game! 11/13/12 12:23 PM
Marian: omg, my boyfriend would love this! :-) 11/14/12 07:01 AM
Tampau: Fire, water, wood, element I choose u! element skate on!! 11/13/12 04:12 PM
sean.b: Holla at ya element homedogssssssss 11/13/12 10:44 PM
Mikemy: Its about time Nick went pro!!! Congrats 11/13/12 09:14 PM
Ianb@b: Nick Garcia is my daddy.. 11/13/12 01:45 PM
elmust: Did a split down a 4, could you hook a skater down in the line of duty? 11/13/12 01:46 PM
ffm39f: Pretty cool! 11/14/12 11:03 AM
dorkfa: I love element! 11/14/12 12:00 AM
Sbowes: Two large medium pizzas 11/13/12 09:59 PM


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