Digital Product Toss Results: The Reynolds Emerica Shoe Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Digital Product Toss Results: The Reynolds Emerica Shoe

Posted on Saturday, March 30, 2013 by Rob

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with Iskate28 came out on top. Check your email, Mr. Iskate28. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing.

Iskate: Andrew shreds man. My favorite skater of all time. I wear emericas, altamont, ride baker, spitfires, and rep all his sponsors. He's ma hero 03/28/13 08:37 PM
brianm: 2 things I would love to have: 1 Strong ankles, 2 Frontside flips! .... These shoes might be the cure!? 03/28/13 07:46 PM
ZeroJo: I dont know what really say about Andrew that hasn't been said. He's just such a cool down to earth inspiring dude that he's just amazing. 03/28/13 08:37 PM
dcolli: Reynolds still killing it, and hopefully for years to come. 03/28/13 07:59 PM
alienm: what do old people smell like? depends 03/29/13 09:32 AM
dfsfl2: tough to fill the bosses shoes but I think I can manage 03/28/13 08:56 PM O.G. Springsteen reference, I think Bruce would like these 03/29/13 09:50 AM
troii1: The best skateboarder ever, your part on Ravers 93 was so sick. I wish i win your shoe. Peace 03/28/13 08:19 PM
hickwo: I just want a new pair of shoes 03/28/13 08:00 PM
ridebm: Andrew Reynolds was my fave skater on THPS2 03/28/13 10:40 PM
green8: America is so much better with Emerica!!!! 03/29/13 06:45 AM
elemen: The Boss 03/28/13 08:13 PM
mal196: like the genius himself these shoes should come in 3s x 3 03/29/13 11:54 AM
jpenic: good stuff! 03/29/13 06:03 AM
pikol_: The Boss 03/29/13 04:38 PM
nuffer: Hey did Emerica have those shoes tested by Gershon to see if they could take a beating? What? Too soon?! We love you man. 03/29/13 01:02 AM
Str8ch: Pet the fur ! 03/28/13 07:49 PM
Conor1: struck yeah 03/28/13 11:12 PM
Chase5: Andrew Reynolds need to come back to Tampa for the Pro Next year we miss him! Plus host the thurs. art show with Altamont/Emerica before pro 03/28/13 08:22 PM
joelmv: Ill rock those everywhere, those are sick! 03/28/13 09:01 PM
xboxon: I love these shoes. 03/28/13 09:05 PM
jason7: kickflip wallride like a boss.... 03/29/13 03:14 PM
Etnies: I meet him and i have had all his shoes sonce the rynoleds ones and it would be well skated to a true fan and skater!!! 03/28/13 08:09 PM
bjford: these shoes loom amazing, i am so stoked to see these on my feet if i win. By the way i am a size 11 if you wanted to know. 03/28/13 08:54 PM
Jimwes: Hey laugh 03/28/13 08:23 PM
dawayp: andrew reynolds makes me crave mcfish bites. 03/30/13 01:32 AM
jeshra: I love Michael Bolton, for my money nothings better than when he sings "When a man loves a woman" 03/29/13 08:09 AM
rickyd: the first andrew reynolds emericas were the best shoes of all time these might be tight tho 03/28/13 08:17 PM
Bloodl: Andrew, your new shoes are very tight butthole! Nicely done boss. 03/28/13 10:54 PM
bgmart: I wonder how many times he did it before he decided it was good enough (OCD) 03/28/13 11:29 PM
tybaum: Well my birthday was yesterday, my present was 10 bucks and a t shirt from target. Could you please hook me up with shoes? I need some bad 03/28/13 09:26 PM
christ: 03/28/13 07:42 PM
jdunn@: But whatever happened to es anyways? 03/29/13 10:09 AM
Ianb@b: I took a dump on lil Waynes tour bus. 03/28/13 09:10 PM
Weenjo: Please is for bitches 03/28/13 07:50 PM
slymcg: Andrew, have you ever been in a Turkish prison? 03/29/13 12:55 AM
jaylyn: merica!! 03/28/13 10:04 PM
jake18: awsome!! 03/28/13 08:38 PM
mfling: IM SEXY ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!! 03/29/13 06:00 PM
w.man5: 03/29/13 12:32 AM
SboWes: Bosssss. In a 12 03/29/13 04:45 AM
jai_br: The Boss is a true Emerican hero! 03/29/13 02:16 PM
mikeso: I dont think I can frontside flip as many stairs as Andrew, but these will probably help ! 03/28/13 11:37 PM
leeg00: My friend skates with Andrew. 03/28/13 09:50 PM
mfbugs: THE BOSSs orders are to hook me up with a pair of his newest shoes in a size 9.5!! That would be awesome!!!!! 03/28/13 07:50 PM
Matted: Sweeet midtop, very nice 03/29/13 12:18 AM
xwilly: as a florida skateboarder reynolds is god. 03/29/13 12:18 AM
Porpe1: I wonder if I am banned from SPoT digital product tosses as well. 03/29/13 01:20 PM
kingsy: been skating these these sketchy chuck taylors for the past 3 weeks my feet bleed and i still continue to skate. thank you guys for the fun! 03/28/13 08:14 PM
monika: stay fresh, be easy 03/30/13 01:59 AM
RyanBo: Someone call the Brinks truck the boss is back, ugggh! 03/28/13 07:40 PM
whartm: Practically walking on air, so relaxed almost looks green-screened. 03/29/13 12:11 PM
nico77: I wished i wouldve seen Reynolds at Tampa Pro, weekend was still amazing though. Thanks SPOT 03/28/13 11:50 PM
Mikeye: I like boobs and andrew reynolds is tight! 03/28/13 07:28 PM
Aalani: El Patron (AKA THE BOSS) 03/29/13 12:13 AM
gundam: The shoes look tight. Kind of wish Andrew and the Baker team would return to Tampa and do more demos. 03/28/13 08:19 PM
chazzl: Reynolds can float like a butterfly, and punch like a flea, JACK; 03/29/13 12:15 PM
Tricia: I love skateboarding! 03/28/13 07:43 PM
travis: Granted, I am a biased motherstrucker, but FL produces some of the best skateboarders in the world. AR is living evidence of this claim. 03/28/13 09:01 PM
illwil: SPoT needs a "Bikini only" contest or best trick. 03/30/13 09:36 AM
Midwes: Why isnt a group of squid called a squad 03/28/13 07:57 PM
Dskate: Let me have Reynolds for my bung-Hollie-o bevis and but thread 03/29/13 12:27 AM
kyash2: im a old man tryin get some shoes 8.5 please 03/28/13 07:26 PM
tjpadd: fat ones. 03/28/13 07:24 PM
Trells: Maybe with these shoes I could get that kickflip wallride finally...damnit Reynolds, always have to steal my tricks!! 03/28/13 07:54 PM
jviggy: Since the real America is spit, I gotta get these and be a badass Emrica! 03/29/13 07:00 AM
Pepijn: I never won anything...and i need new shoes 03/28/13 07:43 PM
jmrose: I met Andrew this summer, a true skate rat! 03/28/13 10:26 PM
fragth: Emerica is back! 03/28/13 07:36 PM
Hman12: Release date for my signature shoe has been put off, so in the meantime Ill just use Reynold's (hopefully for free cuz I'm just that good?) 03/28/13 07:51 PM
lostin: the B.O.S.S - Better than Other Skate Shoes 03/28/13 09:12 PM
mc6553: Sure Andrew would want to pass a pair to someone who has to share a birthday with some jesus spit and the strucking easter bunny this year. me 03/28/13 11:20 PM
dillar: The Boss 03/28/13 08:13 PM
paul.k: I got a skate joke for whoever may be reading this: The new Reynolds shoes sure are boss! Get it? cause they call him boss. Arent i clever. 03/28/13 07:43 PM
marcin: perfect tool of destruction 03/29/13 03:35 AM
wright: chicken bone nowison nowison nowison 03/29/13 03:32 AM
tkzv@y: Sorry I cant really make you laugh but I did enjoy watching my boys slide down the big blue half-pipe! Great skatepark! 03/29/13 08:59 AM
mrbobb: what will he frontside flip next 03/29/13 02:33 PM
gabacr: dont know what good these will do... already kickflip wallrid that same spot...... 03/28/13 09:02 PM
swalsh: Pacsun is a legit skate shop. <---funny stuff right there. 03/28/13 08:40 PM
sean.b: the boss the boss the boss the boss the boss 03/29/13 10:54 AM
jorge.: The Boss Baker2g will approve this message. 03/29/13 02:51 AM
biasbr: Rob, i need the Reynolds shoes so i can do frontside 180 flips over hand rails, and theyll get me extra play on the streets ;) size 10.5 =) 03/29/13 12:14 PM
buggyc: reynolds is the mannnn 03/28/13 11:00 PM
gelaur: he is after all the boss 03/29/13 03:17 PM
fordsa: you gotta hook me up my shoes look like they can talk 03/29/13 01:50 PM
dvsmzr: Reynolds is the MAN. 03/28/13 08:23 PM
ginopu: nothing much i can say the boss kills its !!!! 03/28/13 08:01 PM
debacl: high top reynolds? what whichcraft is this? 03/28/13 07:48 PM
m.osto: shoe size 8. Reynolds is da man 03/29/13 08:29 AM
wrxtre: Look at how BOSS those shoes are. 03/28/13 08:53 PM
kingjo: It would be cool to walk in Andrews shoes instead of someone always walking away in my shoes.... 03/28/13 07:55 PM
jaympo: Incredible skater, awesome shoe. When you skate every day, shoes are always needed. A deck can be skated for a while, but Shoegoo has limits 03/28/13 08:04 PM
Skateb: Do you know mike . Mike who ? Mike ock 03/29/13 11:52 PM
robste: I have a big foot so I cant find big shoes 03/28/13 07:33 PM
l.wlod: The guys reps skating, hes the boss for chrissake 03/28/13 08:13 PM
pdange: Local Hero! 03/28/13 08:10 PM
jhsukm: these shoes look beast 03/28/13 07:23 PM
fueled: tp4mibungh0le? CONFIRM/DENY 03/28/13 07:26 PM
marvin: can you send some reynolds 1s instead? i need the cushion from an air bubble 03/28/13 08:15 PM
dhmcl8: shredder 03/28/13 11:22 PM
n00596: hipster thuggin with Reynolds? 03/28/13 07:25 PM
bberke: Reynolds is the best. 03/28/13 09:45 PM
Trevio: Straight kills it on tha skateboard so much steezz hopefully these shoes will step my game up lol 03/28/13 08:49 PM
mosamy: Andrew "Turtle Boy Grinch" Reynolds? 03/28/13 09:18 PM
CossRo: Top Youtube Comment mode: "BEST FRONTSIDE FLIP IN THE GAME RIGHT HERE also struck scooters amiright" 03/28/13 11:15 PM
munchi: Gary Rogers nutting it in bake and destroy 03/29/13 01:54 PM
tony.n: SPOT or Die! 03/28/13 09:14 PM
atilan: boss of bosses tha boss of the bosses bitch ass n****s tk quote baker3 enough said! 03/28/13 09:34 PM
cutint: Andrew Reynolds, Ive got your back in all situations foreign and domestic. 03/29/13 12:52 AM
c.circ: Neeeeeeed to skate like a boss!!!! 03/28/13 08:46 PM
swit90: the sauce boss, the bees knees, the cats pajamas, the toads nodes! 03/28/13 09:14 PM
Jnapol: Emerica is great im size 11.5 I want to shred these shoes so bad I hope i win 03/28/13 11:51 PM
adrian: Reynolds promodel shoes are like Tampa Pro, those gets better every year! 03/28/13 07:26 PM
aaronf: oh word 03/28/13 08:37 PM
lelu50: his dedication to skateboarding perfection is amazing, also a little O.C.D. 03/29/13 02:44 PM
Jrodri: 9 andrew renolds is a mad scientist on a board bake n destroy was my first skateboard video I ever watched I was hooked the whole team rips! 03/29/13 04:15 PM
mauric: luv these basketball shoes... 03/29/13 12:04 AM
Kanowh: I LOVE SPOT!!!!! 03/28/13 11:34 PM
lil_mu: ive never had emerica shoes but id give them a try since they are the bosss shoes 03/28/13 08:07 PM
kabail: If Andrew Reynolds skated how he looked, he would ride goofy. 03/28/13 08:07 PM
mzocko: new shoes keep me in da game. love you spot team! keep up the hard work! support old guys skateboarding!!! i need shoes! i need shoes!!!!! 03/28/13 08:03 PM
Vinih7: Reynolds new shoes are STELLAr 03/28/13 08:47 PM
barons: Ive had every one of the Boss' shoes so far. Save me a bill by sending these my way. 03/28/13 07:23 PM
tarell: These shoes will make you have frontside flips on lock for life. 03/29/13 01:19 PM
jonnyo: there nothing better then doing a half pike and a 360 all no the same run 03/29/13 06:48 PM
ieuanm: Reynolds is magic 03/28/13 08:17 PM
opraha: two deer walk out of a gay bar, one turns to the other and says "wow i cant believe i blew 50 bucks in there" 03/29/13 01:51 PM
irbani: Awesome style and just goes for it every time! 03/28/13 07:48 PM
Wcgmer: Emericas are one of the leaders in skateboarding sneakers. Any shoe "the Boss" stands behind has to be amazing. Hope I get a pair! 03/28/13 07:38 PM
joemfg: Have you ever Mongoed a woman? 03/28/13 07:24 PM
connor: I know these shoes will make my butt look good. Thanks for picking my comment Jereme Rogers said he would write a rap for you now cus I won 03/28/13 11:38 PM
johnpa: When are chili peppers annoying? When they get jalapeno business. 03/29/13 11:59 AM
disast: kicks 03/28/13 08:27 PM
stephe: mob 03/28/13 08:05 PM
alienm: what do old people smell like? depends 03/29/13 09:36 AM
jakepf: Will these help me frontside flip? 03/28/13 07:42 PM
bscull: lakeland boss 03/29/13 01:23 AM
vitto_: Big feet = big meat. I have big feet 03/28/13 08:13 PM
McMaho: Reynolds Tampa = Florida Bowse! 03/30/13 12:39 AM
Haataj: Hey its me Andrew Reynolds I need this pair come on guys. 03/28/13 10:40 PM
vicodi: Id be interested in hearing how many people reference the officer perry video in these comments 03/29/13 08:34 PM
ipv9@m: I knew he was the BOSS way back when he killed it at Tampa Pro with that frontside flip. 03/28/13 07:25 PM
michae: andrew is awesome and so are these shoes, 10 please 03/29/13 09:27 AM
toyfig: Polk County FL boyz representing! 03/28/13 07:27 PM
chandl: andrew is a pretty sweet guy. Go Emerica 03/29/13 11:44 AM
wetwil: ive been waiting for these shoes since we shot bin ladin 03/30/13 02:41 AM
ben_ta: I copped the Cruisers x Skate 3 collab a couple years ago and listened to The Goat for a couple weeks, I wanna bring back them days now SPoT 03/28/13 07:33 PM
ramone: Diving in it to win it 03/30/13 02:04 AM
thatgu: All I skate is Emericas, I hope I get these struckin shoes!! 03/28/13 07:29 PM
Brazze: Thrasher tattoo! 03/28/13 07:47 PM
parede: I hope i get picked for andrews new shoe. it looks good and comfortable! I hope I win because I never win any giveaways. Thanks SPOT 03/28/13 07:40 PM
frankl: its impossible to say something about Reynolds that hasnt been said. lands everything clean, skates every object, ice baths. hes THE BOSS. 03/28/13 10:16 PM
trumpe: IC WEINER 03/28/13 07:22 PM
erik.d: omg trey lyke erybody needin deez shooz doeeeee 03/28/13 07:38 PM
hobo69: My email is original 03/28/13 07:57 PM
alex78: I would be stoked I wear a 10.5 03/28/13 07:29 PM
p.klum: thanks once again for putting the tampa pro on the internet, we want clyde to mc 03/28/13 07:38 PM
Codeei: Wow that reynolds kickflip wallride was just rediculous. Love SPOT! from PA but have ordered for years. These shoes look tight as hell! 03/28/13 07:59 PM
senort: Reynolds is like a fine wine. He gets better as he ages. 03/28/13 07:43 PM
bev.xo: These shoes are hella steeeezy 03/28/13 08:03 PM
etffan: you dont deserve to laugh. well, unless i win, of course. 03/28/13 10:25 PM
prosin: Im 31. I have old ankles. I need these. Thanks. 03/28/13 07:54 PM
Gerry.: Springsteen isnt the Boss, AR is the mf'n BOSS!! 03/28/13 07:36 PM
carchb: Andrew Reynolds is dope, one of the best skaters to have done it. Much respect. Every part he puts out is a classic for all skating. 03/28/13 09:23 PM
nikola: Boss for a boss, but i work for my boss 03/28/13 07:37 PM
florid: dang i could use some new skate shoes! my westgates are getting thrashed 03/28/13 07:42 PM
cknaru: Andrew is crazy, and has absolutely no compassion for stairs. 03/28/13 09:38 PM
Austin: Dont forget your brain bucket bro 03/28/13 07:44 PM
mewile: Puts the capital B' in the Boss! 03/28/13 10:45 PM
emaila: omg reynolds! ive tried that so many times... never once did it. psssh. kickflip wallride FTW 03/29/13 07:15 AM
lextux: BRO CODEEEE!!!!! 03/28/13 09:57 PM
TPak12: Reynolds just doesnt stop and he somehow doesn't look close to doing so either. One of the most influential skateboarders ever. 03/28/13 09:42 PM
Rmille: I hope these shoes will help me learn fakie varial heels 03/28/13 11:53 PM
beaner: Thanks For The Bearing Spacers -Hungry Howies Pizza 03/28/13 09:26 PM
cybers: What says "Polk County represent" more than Andrew Reynolds. My man eats, sleeps and spits Polk County. Stay ill. 03/28/13 10:28 PM
neal.f: He puts the capital B in the Boss 03/29/13 09:54 AM
Lpesca: Turtle heads 03/28/13 09:18 PM
brian.: BO$$..... 03/29/13 10:54 AM


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