Nerdsday Thursday: Our Top 50 Skateboarders Are Aging Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Nerdsday Thursday: Our Top 50 Skateboarders Are Aging

Posted on Thursday, May 23, 2013 by Rob

This week on Nerdsday Thursday, I only have one chart for you. From last week's data on our top 200 skateboarders here, I pulled a couple more age stats. We know that skateboarding pros are getting older, ams are getting older, and everyone's just kind of getting older, but what about just the skaters that come here almost every day? The top 50? The Ray Ray's, the Alejandro's, and the Chuckies? I thought this number might show the reverse trend since you obviously tend to skate more when you're younger vs being like early 20's when you've likely got a job and bills. However, looks like the same trend for these top 50 as the big picture. I wonder what the top brands are for these kids are? Next week, we'll take a look at that.


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