Back to School Bash presented by Emerica Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Back to School Bash presented by Emerica

Posted on Monday, August 12, 2013 by HiDefJoe

Words and Photos by Aaron Austin

Video by HiDefJoe

Meet the judges for the Back to School Bash presented by Emerica. Someone please get Manny some sunglasses.
Darius Norton won the 8 and under division with some heavy tricks for a little guy. Here is Darius doing a feeble down the 4-stair rail.
Kai Brookins wore a smile during his jam in the 8 and Under division and brought it to the doughboy cutout. Kai definitely won cutest kid award.
Hal Scarborough has a phenomenal frontside ollie that took him to 6th place in the 9-12 division.
Ryan Stephens, AKA Bubba, had a good looking nosegrind during his jam.
Landon Brown took 5th place in the 9-12 division. Here's Landon on a frontside Indy.
Here is Marino Nicastro capturing Matt Lindo doing a kickflip frontboard on the rail. Make sure to check out Marino's angles and coverage of the Back to School Bash presented by Emerica here.
SPoT maintenance is now headed up by the grill master for the day, Alex Donahue.
Titus Massinello does man-sized frontside airs. It's time to move up a division and let someone else win 13-15, Titus.
Titus has an incredible Miller Flip- look at that hand on the coping! Proper.
The Puerto Rican princess Gia Mar Matienzo took over the megaphone in the SPoT Wheelbiters tent after competing in her first contest. Christina Sanchez can only smile.
Jake Ilardi warmed up for his 16 and Up jam by blasting these backside airs as his brother Nate looks on.
After he destroyed the vert ramp, Jake won the 16 and Up Division with tricks like this kickflip frontboard on the rail.
Elijah Odom had support from his mom the entire time he skated the 16 and Up division. Elijah and his friends came up from Miami and wore these hats in memory of their friend, Miami skater Israel Rodriguez. Thanks for making the trip to Tampa, Elijah and crew.
Noelia Velez held it down for the girls and beat half the guys in the 16 and Up Division, finishing 22nd out of 44 skaters. Here's Noelia doing a frontside 50-50 on the A-frame rail.
Nick Noel is a ripper and dipped his backside smith-grinds super low all day on the flat-bar. He finished in 4th place in 16 and Up.
Alejandro Burnell definitely took the fan favorite award and turned-up the crowd. This high speed frontside noseblunt-slide on the bank didn't get him into the Sponsored finals, but it sure looked good.
SPoT team-rider Markus Jalaber has a good looking kickflip over the pyramid.
Austin McCahan has a stylish backside noseblunt-slide. He did this and more in practice, but couldn't manage to land enough tricks to get into the finals.
Max Catasus fought hard to get 3rd place in the Sponsored division. Here is Max on a backside-overcrook in his jam.
Jake "Poptart" Welch is a madman on a skateboard. He stretched these bonelesses over the hip into the stratosphere and took 2nd in the Sponsored division finals.
Tyson Peterson took this stylish frontside hurricane back to forward in his jam and won the Sponsored division with an all-out barrage on the street course.
8 and Under Division Winners, left to right: Tyler Kirshenbaum 4th, Harry Fredlund 2nd, Darius Norton 1st, Jacob Turner 5th, Emily Headson 3rd.
Schaefer with Emily Headson explaining that she is literally a product of the Skatepark. Her dad met her mom here at Tampa Pro some years ago.
9-12 Division Winners, left to right: Adam Tyler 2nd, Wesley Box 1st, Michael Battle 3rd, Landon Brown 5th, Rio Batan Matienzo 4th.
Lenni Pfeiffer received a special "Just For Showing Up" award. He's here from Austria.
13-15 Division Winners, left to right: Leo Moreno 3rd, Ali Tawoosi 4th, Titus Massinello 1st, Miles McKinney 2nd, Grant Stavas 5th.
16 and Up Division Winners, left to right: Jake Ilardi 1st, Nick Noel 4th, Chris Reitz 5th, Marse "Little" Farmer 3rd, Deein Coats 2nd
Sponsored Division Winners, left to right: Max Catasus 3rd, Tyson Peterson 1st, Uncle Sam Bellipanni 4th, Jake "Poptart" Welch 2nd, Niko Howard 5th.


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