Quick Miami Trip Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Quick Miami Trip

Posted on Wednesday, September 4, 2013 by Sebastian

Words and photos by Frank Branca

I've wanted to check out Grand Central Park in downtown Miami ever since filming an episode of Franks for Nothing with Danny Fuenzalida. Grand Central Park is a DIY skate spot built by Miami locals, which is producing a ton of up-and-coming skaters that probably wouldn't have ever touched a board if not for the park. When I came across the flyer for the Organized Madness contest presented by Asphalt Yacht Club a few weeks ago on my Instagram feed, I knew this was a perfect opportunity to load up the team and head south.
Markus Jalaber, Robby Kirkland, and Dylan Perry ready to for the mission
We arrived to a packed skatepark.
Chris Blake and Dylan Perry 5-0 to fakie doubles.
Danny Fuenzalida was killing it on the mic all day. Check out his Red Bull Curtain Call here.
Felix Arguelles came out to support the event.
Chris Blake jumping over one of the locals while local photographer Matt Roy snaps a photo.
This guy was wondering where all these skateboarders came from. That’s Felix Arguelles and Joel Meinholz in the background.
Spotted this guy working on an Ollie out in front of his parents' market.
Pause for a group photo!
These guys skated right through the rain.
The park dried up so I snapped this photo and put my camera away to skate the contest with the crew.
Dylan Perry kickflips right before a normal Miami afternoon shower. Check out Dylan's Sketchy Magic: Miami Edition from this trip.
SPoT team rider Robby Kirkland killed it and got first place! Congrats, Robby!
Danny is holding down for the Miami skate scene.
The next day James Cobb woke up before everyone else to skate some spots around the hotel.
Now out in the streets to check out some spots. Here's Markus taking the sketchy route.
Prop up launch ramp inspired by Chris Jata.
She made Chris Blake bump to wallride for her instavid.
Why wouldn’t you want to live in Miami?
A push into downtown.
Orange peel spot check.
Ending the day at Grand Central! Thanks for the good times, Miami!

Team rider Dylan Perry has a Sketchy Magic edit from the trip:


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