Harvest Jam Presented by Expedition One Photos and Video Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Harvest Jam Presented by Expedition One Photos and Video

Posted on Tuesday, November 5, 2013 by Sebastian

Photos and Words by Frank Branca.
Footage from Joe Pelham.

Harvest Jam Results

Young gun George Hufnagel pulling out the old man move.
Child Prodigy Kai Brookins has the sick grip tape.
Casey and Mikah giving away SPoT gear and taking donations for Boards for Bros.
We usually try to stay away from one more tries - but when the crowd wants to see a trick, we have to give them what they want.
Top five of the 8 & Under Division: Carlos Puigdollers, Darius & Damari Norton, Dane Dowding, and Payson Brugge.
Shout out to the Skate Moms for bringing out their kids and having more fun than them.
Keenan Lewis's instagram name is @baby_romar, which fits well with his smooth style.
Extra points for the SPoT tee.
Hal Scarborough with a smooth kickflip repping Kona skate park.
AlBow AKA MP3J holding it down with the jams. Don’t forget to check out A Case of the Mondays every Monday with AlBow.
Giancarlo is one of my favorite SPoT locals. He stops skating in the middle of his jam to hand Rezza back his shoe.
Top five of the 9 to 12 division: Hal Scarborough, Keenan Lewis, Mason Munar, Wesley Box, and Austin Butler
I was excited to hear all the positive feedback on the design of the new course. Thank you Team Pain skate parks!
Andy and Yoda flipping burgers while everyone else is flipping their skateboards.
Without realizing, I got few photos of skate bros and started to see a pattern. This is Will and Keenan Lewis. Check out Keenan’s new part here, filmed by his older brother Will.
Jitt Squad’s Ali Tawoosi aka Ollie flies out to a wall jam.
Twins Nate and Jake Ilardi are another skate bro duo we had the contest. Nate films and Jake is the skater.
Jitt Squad’s Chuckie Wooder skates so fast that my shutter can’t keep up and his hat flies off.
Top five of the 13 to 15 division: Zach Elalouf, Will Schumatti, Justin Zaragoza, Landon Swan, Rio Matienzo.
Big thanks to all the skate Dads.
Expedition One’s Ryan Gallant and Joey Pepper were hanging out and helping hand out prizes.
Who Dat? 360 flip down the new stair set.
FSEC card holder Alex Bibiloni with a bs 5050.
Chris Jata helped out on the mic before heading out onto his next GX1000 mission.
One of Lakeland’s finest, Marse Farmer aka Little, with a bs nosegrind right in front of the judges.
Danny Miles with a proper switch flip
Top five of the 16 & Up division: Marse Farmer, Danny Miles, Jeremy Benavente, Jake Ilardi, Miles McKinney.
SPoT OGs and skate bros Ian and John Gow. These dudes probably started the skate bro duo. Growing up, John would film Ian shred and now John is our Kayo rep.
SPoT team rider Markus Jalaber - bs180 nosegrind to forward.
Laura Fong-Yee was the only girl to skate sponsored division.
Plan B’s Jagger Eaton - bs smith down the rail.
Top five of the sponsored division: Markus Jalaber, Tyson Peterson, Zion Wright, Niko Howard, Connor Askew.


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