SPoT Life: Tampa Am 2013 Day 1 - Practice Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Life: Tampa Am 2013 Day 1 - Practice

Posted on Friday, December 6, 2013 by Sebastian

Video by Frank Branca and Joe Pelham.
Words and photos by Aaron Austin.
There's no better way we could kick off the Tampa Am 2013 welcome party than with a tattoo, so that you'll never forget this night - the night you're definitely going to have forgotten by the time you read this.
Dave Cruz has been a local here at SPoT forever. He's the main man over at The Bricks in Ybor, but brought the grill out for the weekend to keep everyone fed.
Samurai Shotgun was first up on stage out in the courtyard. Their guitar player was ripping.
Bowl Destruction before the official jam started. I don't know how he pulled this in, but it was incredible.
This front feeble through the corner went down every try with the quickness. He did it during the jam, too.
Haden Mckenna was launching crailgrabs over the hip.
Mark Davenport skates faster than fast. Holy shit.
Outside in the courtyard things were heating up. Homies and grills.
Nike SB China crew. Thanks for being here.
Another crew, the NYC transplants. Brendan Carrol, Patrick Stiener, Aaron Herrington and Jordan Trahan - all part of the Theories of Atlantis family.
Yoshi Tanenbaum pogo'ed his heart out.
Nick Wallace about to smack that tail.
Mark Davenport flying high.
Mark Davenport stalefished into the heavens. Wow.
Neckface and Andrew Cannon manned the microphones for the bowl jam and brought the mayhem out in everyone.
DJ Qeys scratching.
Mike Mass killed it.
This is Swamp. He did a noseblunt yank in that was insane. Wonder how he got his nickname? You'll find out on Sunday when he wins the Moat Race for the third time!
The other Bryan Schaefer did this 50/50 up the rail.
Reese shut it down.
Ladies these days have some crazy gear. These chicks were hyped.
Quinn, on the left, and Cody, on the right. These guys know good hair. They should have been in that Chris Rock documentary by the same name.


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