AYC Comes To Town & Best Foot Forward Contest Article at Skatepark of Tampa

AYC Comes To Town & Best Foot Forward Contest

Posted on Sunday, May 4, 2014 by Chris

Words and photos by Aaron Austin
Video by Colin Clark, courtesy of Ride Channel
On Friday night, the guys judging and running the Zumiez Best Foot Forward contest here at SPoT started setting up for the next day's event. If you think that skateboard contest judges only sit and watch you skate, you're wrong. Daniel Shimizu illustrates the proper way to apply stickers to the course.
Clint Peterson was here as head judge of the contest, but on Friday night he was acting as staple-gun-fixer-man. Thanks again for the hoodie, Clint.
While the guys set up the course, I wandered back into the office to find Frank Branca about to watch the newest GX1000 edit on Thrasher. This episode is a good one. I highly recommend checking it out.
Clint and Schaefer. Why do guys always want to compare the size of their tools?
Danny Fuenzalida and the MIA Skateshop crew stopped by the park before the contest kicked off. They were here filming a Nike SB wear test of the new Janoski. Looks like those new SB's have the nice flick, as seen here in Danny's switch frontside heelflip down the stairs.
Treshan O'Shaughnessy has a super stylish smithgrind through the corner in the newest Soft Hoagie Rolls shirt. Proper form, Treshan.
Registration began at 3PM and was free. Kids as young as 10 thought they had what it takes to win.
Here are the judges who judged you: Clint Peterson, Daniel Shimizu and Kyle Fredrick.
The skating really started heating up during practice. Jyrus Ferguson has a mean switch crook.
Dimitri Rangos has become the switch-stance master, and can even take those skills to tranny. This is a switch frontside ollie with a tweaked-out back foot.
Jereme Knibbs flows through the course like no other. He was really shredding on Saturday. This is a blasted boneless across the pocket.
Jereme Knibbs - fakie ollie.
Last weekend's Spring Roll contest was Zion Wright's first contest back from a broken femur. This weekend, Zion showed that he's back in full force. This crook yank-over was crazy, and he did it every try.
The Asphalt Yacht Club team arrived at 4PM. Aaron Homoki, otherwise known as Jaws, is a super nice guy who obviously enjoys himself.
Blake Carpenter wasn't able to skate because he took quite a slam to his shoulder sometime before they got to the park.
Jaws and Nyjah Huston started skating the bowl, and Jaws naturally found his way to the gnarliest obstacle in the bowl. Pulling this blunt fakie back in has got to be scary.
I guess Jaws is a fan of the yank in. Here's Jaws yet again skating the tall ledge, this time doing a nosepick and pulling it back in.
This is Anthonie Alonso, who's in high school and has been honing his photo skills lately. Keep it up Anthonie!
Jaws had one more trick to do before exiting the bowl. This is a kickflip stalefish over the hip.
Alejandro Burnell followed up Jaws with this huge Lien air over the hip.
The AYC guys signed autographs and posed for your selfie's all day. They're some classy guys. Who knows what Jaws wrote on this dollar bill?
The announcer of the contest, Patrick Melcher.
Nyjah and Jaws put on a short demo before the finals. Here's Nyjah spinning his way into this 270 noseblunt.
Stevie Williams. Legend status.
Seamus Gallagher just caught a glimpse of that ring that Stevie had on.
Immediately following the finals, best trick got started on the pyramid. Devin Abreu took first, but I missed his trick. Here's Markus Jalaber, last weekend's Spring Roll sponsored division winner, doing a kickflip frontside bluntslide as Colin Clarke trys to get the angle from the safety of the judges booth.
These guys are all smiles because they placed top 3, and their prize packs were hefty. From left to right: Zion Wright 2nd, Jamie Foy 1st, Jereme Knibbs 3rd.
The AYC team were all smiles throughout the day. You could really tell they were having fun, especially during the product toss.
AYC team with the fans. Where's Blake?!
Thank you Asphalt Yacht Club for coming out and having such a great time with us. Now let's go watch the Mayweather fight at The Bricks!


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