A Trip to Orlando & Feed Your Head Video Premiere

Posted on Tuesday, June 03, 2014 by Chris

Words and photos by Frank.

This weekend we premiered Marshall Nicholson’s new video, “Feed Your Head” at the Bricks Ybor. It definitely did not disappoint, with tons of raw street skating, night footage, pushing, and hometown pride. Check out the photos.
I have been missing my vx1000 lately, as I have been attending a bunch of video premieres such as Static 4, Shaqueefa Mixtape, and more that all have been filmed with one.
I have been Internet friends with Marshall for a couple years now and we finally met up in Orlando before the premiere for a session. After seeing this no comply I was sure the video was going to be sick.
Next spot was this prop-up to electrical box.
After getting the spot set up, Stereo Am Nick Zizzo went straight to work with this bs noseblunt.
Alternate angle, as the filmer was all up in my shot.
This guy came in hot on his Segway and ruined our fun.
After getting kicked out of the last place, we skated by this dream spot.
Marshall and Nick already stacking clips for their new project.
Orlando local, Stalker Steve shut down this rail and made some business calls.
Marshall’s homies made the 15-hour drive from Louisville, Kentucky and wasted no time hitting the streets.
A quick footy party in an oak tree before heading to the Bricks.
When arriving to the Bricks, the first person I run into is shop manager Denis Frain. Denis has some clips coming out in the premiere of Florida Rain at SPoT Ybor this Friday.
Here's Marshall with about two years of hard work on a little DVD.
A quick speech before the video starts.
Time to press play.
Here's where everyone gets together after the video and talks about their favorite part.
This dude was rocking a Tampa Am hat from 2010.
Josh Miller held it down for all the tall skaters and Chris Reitz held it down for all the SPoT employees. Both these guys had some sick footage in the video.
Shout out to the Ft. Myers crew and everyone that came out to support this independent skate video. Be sure to join us this Friday for the Florida Rain video premiere at SPoT Ybor.


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