Baker Demo

Posted on Saturday, April 3, 2004 by Rob

SPoT Baker Demo
I could write a little about the demo, but this one hand thing sucks. Check out the photos and video. One other thing: this entire crew would not be here if it wasn't for help from Boost Mobile. Does your cell phone company get your favorite skaters into your town?


Kevin Long - back smith 180 out
Jeff Lenoce - switch ollie
Product toss madness
Bryan Herman - nollie frontside noseslide
Bryan Herman - first try frontside bluntslide
Jeff Lenoce - backside nollie
Bryan Herman - nollie crook
Bryan Herman - nollie frontside 5-0
Bryan Herman - nollie frontside nosegrind
Bryan Herman - first try back lip
Bryan Herman - first try FSTS
Bryan Herman - kickflip frontside 50-50
Autograph signing
Autograph crowd
Andrew Reynolds - wow, that's a shifty flip
Andrew Reynolds throws out some Baker gear
Andrew Reynolds - kickflip
Andrew Reynolds - backside flip over the hip
Kevin Long and Kevin Long
Part of the scene at the Green Room later that night
Looks like Swill is allowed back into the Green Room
This is the Baker tour bus - nice
Barak Wiser inside the Baker tour bus
Kevin Long - backside nosegrind 180 out (600k mpeg video)
Kevin Long - kickflip backside 5-0 (800k mpeg video)
Jeff Lenoce - inward heel (700k mpeg video)
Jeff Lenoce - nollie half cab heel (900k mpeg video)
Andrew Reynolds - nollie half cab switch nosegrind (700k mpeg video)
Andrew Reynolds - kickflip fakie off the kahuna
Andrew Reynolds - kickflip fakie on the quarter (800k mpeg video)
Bryan Herman - fs noseblunt slide (800k mpeg video)
Bryan Herman - nollie fs 5-0 (900k mpeg video)
Bryan Herman - kickflip lipside (800k mpeg video)
Bryan Herman - kickflip fronstside nosegrind(900k mpeg video)
Bryan Herman - kickflip crook (1.3mb mpeg video)
Bryan Herman - backside tailslide on the big rail (1.1mb mpeg video)
Bryan Herman - back lip on the big rail (900k mpeg video)
Andrew Reynolds - backside flip (700k mpeg video)
Andrew Reynolds - alleyoop flip on the kahuna (900k mpeg video)
Baker Poll: What's your favorite Baker deck?

Evan Hernandez Strip Club Series Deck

Jeff Lenoce Le' No No Deck

Andrew Reynolds Dots Deck

Jeff Lenoce Strip Club Series Deck

Andrew Reynolds I Love To Skate Deck

Jim Greco Dead or Alive Deck

Brand Logo Deck

Jim Greco Hammer Deck

Danger Logo Deck

Kevin Long Spanky Future Legend Deck

Dustin Dollin PD Logo Deck

Kevin Long Spanky Logo Deck

Dustin Dollin Sprayed PD Logo Deck

Dustin Dollin Toxic Torture Deck

Erik Ellington Shield Logo Deck

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