SPoT Employee of the Month Party - June 2015 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Employee of the Month Party - June 2015

Posted on Monday, July 6, 2015 by Chris

Video: Frank Branca
Photos and words: Marino Nicastro
Frank is our SPoT life videographer and is always killing it - filming our very first Employee of the Month Party.
Jeni was outside firing up the grill for everyone!
It had rained just before the party was gonna start and we had some skate activities to tend to. BS and Chris Monte on the clean up crew.
Knuckles was hard at working being a dog.
Did I mention free beer? And plenty of it.
Josh E. and Jack enjoying the festivities.
Markus and Uncle Sam chilling with the locals and some campers.
Everyone was out here having a great time. Don’t worry that's not Chuckie’s beer.
Brew dogs.
Michael Andruzzi - FS Rock on the Barrier.
Cole, one of the newest employees - Texas Plant.
Wesley Box - Sweeper.
Brian Schaefer came in clean with a stylish Rock n Roll. Look at that back ankle!
Josh was out here on the megaphone giving out some free Beats headphones for a Best Trick on the box.
Chris Monte with the Nose Grind.
Robby Kirkland showing you what time it is and Manualing his way into the top.
Sam ended up winning it, Congrats dude! Thought we had a photo here, but the trick was so good it blew up the camera.
Finally time to announce the Employee of the Month. Brian showing off what you could win.
And the trophy goes to………….
Chris Reitz! Dude has been killing it lately and we had to show some love. Congrats my dog.
One good employee photo to close it out! Chris P. still made it in there last minute.


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