SPoT Employee of the Month Party - July 2015 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Employee of the Month Party - July 2015

Posted on Monday, August 3, 2015 by Chris

Video: Frank Branca
Words and photos: Pat Daly
Frank is always the first man on the scene setting up his angles before all the action starts. He's the filmer of the month in my book.
The maintenance dudes are by no means strangers to clouds of smoke. Here they are finessing the grill just like any other event.
Glancy and Mikah took a break from from their arduous work day to enjoy a nice, refreshing PBR. They were kind enough to sponsor our party.
Cole is wondering if this is going to be the day he gets the award that will bump him up from summer help to full-blown employment.
Gimpy is always multitasking. Here he is drinking, skating, and "swiping right" through tinder all at the same time.
Whenever Eric isn't busy with contest registration or driving the van, he's gettin' lippy with the coping.
Marino and Crispy put down their cameras and turn-tables for a minute to double-team this tranny.
This party was rockin', to say the least. Who wore it best, Cole or Josh?
The rain put an abrupt end to our session but we weren't gonna let it put a damper on our good time! Award ceremony in the snack bar!
Schaefer was convinced he was gonna take the award this month so he pre-maturely hit us with an acceptance speech.
And the award goes to...
Josh Knight! The man in charge of the maintenance department and full-time ripper!
The maintenance department was more than pumped to get some recognition! WING IT!
Congrats, Josh! Keep killing it and enjoy that all expense paid trip to Woodward West!


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