SPoT In The Streets: Ybor City Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT In The Streets: Ybor City

Posted on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 by Chris

Photos and words: Frank Branca
First stop: Where else? SPoT Ybor. And Ian Perrone is holding it down with whatever you need.
That's Ronnie from next door at The Bricks. He holds it down behind the bar and yeah, also shops here.
Sketchy Tank always killing it with the new apparel.
Volcom threads in stock.
You can't ever go wrong with Thrasher.
Busted kicks? We got you.
New SPoT collab with the homies over at Theories of Atlantis.
You need clothes. We've got clothes.
Indy trucks: the household name in skateboarding.
Jeans are back in again... Polar said so.
SOTY? Come watch his part in Nike SB Chronicles 3 this Saturday night and decide for yourself.
Ok enough shopping - time to skate. Nick Zizzo does front boards for Format Skateboards and for the Shoelicker. What's the wheel doing there? Follow us on Instagram @SPoTTampa this Thursday to find out.
Quick stop into The Bricks for a coffee. Kyle Nalls serves up the cold brew.
When you come to The Bricks, you have to check out the art on the wall. This was from the 23 Deck Salute show at Tampa Am this year.
Outside, Tom McKessy's got noseslides down Ybor's dark alleys. Tom also kills it behind the counter at SPoT Ybor.
Josh Bowser - wallie / nollie crook thing.
Tom's got wallrides on lock too.
Rob Wootton must've gotten a little tipsy in Ybor before trying to cut this rail kink off.
Nick Zizzo - wallie / nollie tailgrab.
Enough Ybor for one day. Time for the next stop...


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