A Random Trip to Sarasota Skatepark

Posted on Tuesday, September 28, 2004 by Rob

A Random Trip to Sarasota Skatepark
Words, Photos, and Captions by Rob Meronek and John Paul Grebe

Since the power went out here due to the hurricane of the week, SPoT employees John Paul Grebe, Jason Fintel, and I decided to go to Sarasota Skatepark for the rest of the afternoon. It's an hour from Tampa. We also met and skated with Kenny Liszewski, winner of the 12 and Under Division at the School's Out Jam back in June. Check out a few photos below.

Here's info on the Sarasota Skatepark:
  • As you can see by the photos, it's full pads and it's strictly enforced, especially elbow pads. The cheap jock elbow pads you can buy at Wal Mart and stuff will work. I haven't tried the cut off sock elbow pads yet. Why you would ever not be wearing pants, I don't know, but you can get away without knee pads if you're wearing pants.
  • Additional photos of the park can be found in this story: A Short Trip To Sarasota Skatepark
  • As far as directions, it's the Fruitville exit off of I75 that goes through Sarasota. If you're coming from Tampa, get off on that exit, go right and go down that road for two or three miles and take a left on East Street. It's a few blocks down on your left after that.
Kenny Liszewski backside flips the pyramid
Boardslide guy John Paul Grebe doing a boardslide of course
Jason Fintel frontside tail slides the buttery marble bench on top of the pyramid
It's ok to hate on yourself just like it's ok for black dudes to make racist black jokes, women to be sexist, Asians to make racist Asian jokes, etc, right? This is me, Rob Meronek, on one mob ass kickflip - feet two inches apart, board 10 miles away from feet, pop about 2 millimeters off the ground - all complete with the nanu nanu steez
Jason Fintel front boards to fakie while avoiding that leaning tower of palm tree getting BGP's
This one's going straight to the SPoT Photo Chop Shop. This is Jason Fintel doing a nose slide and a 50-50 at the same time while Kenny Liszewski is in between him doing a backside 5-0

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