SPoT Employee of the Month Session - July 2016 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Employee of the Month Session - July 2016

Posted on Tuesday, August 16, 2016 by Chris

First Fridays at SPoT are one of the greatest additions to the park. We get a chance to celebrate our Employee of the Month and watch a skate video we all know and love. This month, we celebrated our July EOTM and premiered Frankie Villani's new "No Cash Value" part from Zero, followed by Cigar City - a video by Josh Stewart that shows raw Tampa skating at its finest. Josh is a Tampa local and SPoT homie since the early days, now running Theories of Atlantis up in NYC.
Video: Frank Branca
Photos: Marino Nicastro
Jose Vilages and Brita Molster already know its gonna be a fun time.
Did I mention free food for everyone? And Jeni might be the best grillmaster in a dress.
Caleb Bedrosian enjoying the free beer for everyone 21+. This month was special because our local Tampa brewery, Cigar City donated some cold beer to go along with the Cigar City video screening.
Inside the park, there was ripping as usual. That's one of our newest SPoT employees, Sly executing a perfect SW Bigspin over the hip.
Wesley Box should be a familiar face by now, but if you don’t know the name, this unknown 14 year old has a good Boneless Disaster to back it.
Darius Norton is one of those younger kids that's no longer that young and is starting to skate better than me. Nice FS 5-0 around the corner.
Chuckie Woodard - another one of those kids. He goes so fast and still seems so comfortable. FS Smith the corner.
Cash Gaddes, the Flying Jersey, Alley Oop BS 180 into the roll in.
Derick Glancy is a master of the Daspinch. FS Feeble the whole thang.
I saw Marse (Farmer) walk into the park, so I asked him for a photo. This FS Noseblunt was the first trick I saw him pull out. So damn good!!
Eric McKenney is either behind a computer signing you up for a contest or there at the contest setting it up. But he also blasts FS Airs on his free time.
Alejandro Burnell - Fastplant off the wall back into the 6ft QP to round things up inside.
Outside the boys have arrived to party. Chase Espinosa, Josh Wilson and Jacob Copher.
Like I said, free beers for everyone of age, and a bunch of great choices. Thanks Cigar City Brewing!
Rob Morris saw this wet box and saw something magical. FS Powerslide with a beer in hand.
We rounded up our main dudes and headed into the Snack Bar to announce our Employee of the Month. Little did they know, one of them was gonna be crowned EOTM.
Eric McKenney is your July EOTM! Couldn’t have chosen anyone more deserving. Dude works all day at the park and for every contest keeping things afloat. It was even his job to set this event up, so we had to trick him into thinking someone else was winning.
The crowd was very hyped.
Big E is the van commander, so we had to give him the appropriate trophy.
Eric and Amelia, one of the nicest couples you’ll meet. We finished the day off with the Cigar City video and s special preview of Frankie Villani's Zero part. Thanks for coming out and see you next month!


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