Almost Round 3 Premiere Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Almost Round 3 Premiere

Posted on Saturday, December 4, 2004 by Rob

Almost Round 3 DVD Premiere
Words, Photos, and Captions by Rob Meronek

Are there any skaters you admire and look up to so much that you ask them for a hug while you're trying to get their autograph? I saw kids doing that to Rodney Mullen. One kid asked him to sign his thigh so he could get a tattoo of it. I think that suspect request was the only autograph that Rodney turned down. Lutzka was doing frontside 270's to switch back tail on the pyramid flat bar - amazing. There was a raging bowl session as usual, too. Chris Lehman was ruling it. After the premiere, a small crew of us along with Greg Lutzka went to a gap to dumpster spot near the Park. Lutzka noseblunt slid it after just a few tries and came super close to pulling a 270 out of that noseblunt slide - yikes. Scotty Conley never made his lipslide so he gets the take a poop pic for today.


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Left to right: Barak Wiser, Afro-Jim, Ryan Clements, Greg Lutzka, Brian Schaefer, and Rodney Mullen
Scotty Conley - take a poop
Rodney Mullen gets cornered by autograph hounds
Greg Lutzka threw down a line of about four flat ground tricks before this gap noseblunt slide on the dumpster
I still haven't figured out how to make the camera not do that see through thing when the lighting in the Park is low. One day I'll take a photo class or something. Greg Lutzka - kickflip
Greg Lutzka and Barak Wiser
It's ok to pick your nose. Don't let anyone tell you different. Chris Lehman - frontside nosepick in the bowl
Chris Lehman is stretching out this frontside air over the hip like some jock getting ready for football practice
Dan knows how to do a frontside air correctly. No hand between the legs thing. The only time you should have your hand between your legs is when you're by yourself looking at porn on the internet, never on a skateboard
Damn, look at all those people. Did your mug make it?
The crowd at the Almost premiere was huge. Rodney Mullen was an autograph champ and hung out to sign stuff for every kid there. Buy the video online right here
Rodney Mullen's autograph and message to Skatepark of Tampa


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