Vans Clash of the Crews 2018 Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Vans Clash of the Crews 2018 Photos

Posted on Tuesday, January 23, 2018 by Chris

Another Vans Clash of the Crews is in the books and this one was one of the best yet. The turnout was great, the weather was on point, and who can argue with Johnny Layton coming to your skatepark to hang out? As part of our annual tradition, we held a Welcome to Town party the night before, complete with bonfire and a Vans Deathrace. There were even a couple shops that camped out here at the park just like old times. The next day was shop vs. shop madness, with Ramp 48 taking the top spot this year. Thanks to everyone who came out to make this a success and especially to J-Lay and Vans for being awesome.

Photos: Josh Bowser
What Welcome to Town party would be complete without a BBQ? Pete flipping burgers with Alec.
The big dogs from both camps: Johnny Layton, Alec, Brian and Chopper Dave. Thanks for ruling all weekend guys!
Brian sez: "Let's get lit."
And then we did...
The kids didn't seem to mind the gas fumes though.
Eric and Brad share an intimate moment.
Tim was juiced to meet Johnny, and so were the rest of us.
Aright now lets get to the actual day of the contest; Vans Bros from other mothers, Brad & Sam link up in their Tampa kits.
West meets East. Johnny & Michelle. B4B California & B4B Florida.
These guys aren't afraid to get their hands dirty, putting completes together for less fortunate kids.
Vans of all flavors coming from all directions...Kinda reminds you of someone else's old photos.
Malique Simpson - Front Crooks across the long bar.
Kevin Timmons - Kickflip 50-50
Jonah Childs: Front Lip
Marse : Gap to Crooks
Keenan - Back Noseblunt.
Fabiana Delfino : Wallie
Drew Fall : Front Blunt
Jyrus : Nollie Nosegrind
Wes : Texas Plant
These laser etched tropies were so sick that I almost stole one...almost.
And the "Just for Showing Up" award goes to the Vans squad, of course! Thanks again for everything guys!
The Boards 4 Bros Crew placed a solid 6th Place. Not too shabby!
Clockwork always knows what time it is. Congrats on 5th Place guys.
The SPoT boys took home a very respectable 4th Place.
Galactic G stayed solid all day and it helped them place in the Top 3.
I was kind of rooting for the guys at Mad Skate Shop to take home the win, but they were barely edged out. Good job on a well earned 2nd Place guys!
Congratulations to entire Ramp 48 crew for totally destroying the course and taking home 1st Place in the 2018 Clash of the Crews contest here at SPoT! Are you guys going to be ready to defend your title next year?!


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