Photos From Go Skateboarding Day 2019 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Photos From Go Skateboarding Day 2019

Posted on Monday, July 1, 2019 by Chris

We teamed up with Westside Skateshop and Nike SB for another epic (and insanely hot) Go Skateboarding Day here in Tampa. Our first stop was the Bro Bowl park downtown, and to switch it up a little from previous years, we whipped up a pair of kickers to add to the mix. The first challenge was a long ollie contest from kicker to kicker, and it looked like Marse Farmer was going to easily take home the win, but Jordi Zapata surprised everyone with a 17 footer first try, leaving it at a tie and $50 apiece. After that, we were giving out cash for tricks down the stairset into the kicker. Once we couldn't take the heat anymore, we headed over to SPoT for free skating, free BBQ and more cash for tricks. All in all it was a great day and we're super thankful to everyone that came out.

Photos: Josh Bowser
Tyler Radford : 360 Flip
Who Dat? - Hardflip
Westside’s Jordi Zapata - Nollie Heel while Justin Santiago gets the clip
After a few flip tricks, it was time to get the Long Ollie Contest started…
Marse couldn’t wait until Sam was done to get an Ollie in though
Jordi floating somewhere around 14 feet
Time to extend it!
Marse was the only person who didn’t seem to have any trouble getting speed. 17 foot Ollie.
After struggling with speed on shorter Ollies, Jordi blasted his 17 foot Ollie first try!
When all was said and done, both Marse and Jordi tied at 17 feet & walked out with $50 a piece
Now to throw out Cash 4 Tricks; Marse upstream Lipslide
Marse : Nosegrind Up
Tyler getting Rad. Smith Up.
Going up the Rail was a popular move. Matt Savidakis Front Feeble.
Tyler Wolford shuts down the upstream session with this Back Tail up the Rail.
Michael Premet rules. Back Tail into the Ramp.
Matt Savidakis would land this Front Blunt pop into the Ramp on his very last try. Good work dawg!
Back at SPoT, volunteers are assembling new completes to be donated by Boards for Bros.
What’s good Crusty Mayo crew?
What’s good SPoT Crew?
Tyler Wolford : Fakie Front Board
Jordi Zapata : BS 180 Nosegrind
Who Dat? : Backside Flip on our Next Cash 4 Tricks Obstacle
Alex Szlabonyi : 360 Flip
Yonis Molina did this Switch 360 Flip in like 5 tries after Pete put $30 on it. Pay up Pete!
Alex Szlabonyi : Back 180 Heelflip
Another Pop Shuv Tailgrab earns Baby Hittuh some loot.
Tyler Radford : Board Stall Rock N Roll Transfer Thing….
Matt Savidakis : No Comply
Boom! Jordi Nollie Front Heel
Product Toss!
Big Rich came up on some goodies, did you?!


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