eS Game of SKATE at SPoT 2005

Posted on Tuesday, July 12, 2005 by Rob

Top five from left to right: PJ Castellano, Parker Landers, Connor Kammerer, Robbie Kirkland, and Malcom Seaman
Malcom Seaman - nollie frontside heel flipping his way to first
I thought this kid was going to the Finals, too. He was ripping. This is Nate Humphrey switch flipping
PJ Castellano - kickflip in the Finals
Who dat? Nollie backside flip
Scotty Conley gives Gavin Bishop some coaching
Who dat? 360 flip
Paris Hilton was there, but Muska was nowhere to be found
Mr. Clark from London - nollie half cab flip
Jesus Calderon - fakie flip
Robbie Kirkland - hard flip
Robbie Kirkland - nollie flip
Gavin Bishop nollie heels while someone in the next lane takes a forward poop
Matt Giles - switch pop shuv
Ryan Dodge - 360 flip
Dustin Eggling - fakie flip
Mr. Clark from London flicks his hardest at this double flip he had to make to avoid another letter, but it didn't work out
Brian Schaefer, some dude who gave Brian a crash course in Spanish for our Puerto Rico trip tomorrow, and Mark Waters from eS who helps run these Games of SKATE
Once you go shakka, you never go bakka - Daniel Argudo brings on another shakka shark attack with yet another pair of flaming surf bra shorts
eS Game of Skate at SPoT 2005
Words and Photos by Rob Meronek

I'm in a total rush to get out of here since we're leaving for Puerto Rico tomorrow morning and it's almost 11pm and I'm the last one at the Park, but here's a few quick notes from today.

In the early stages of the game, the entire crowd moved from one side of the Park to the other when the match up between Robbie Kirkland and Devon Lynch was announced. Robbie won the coin toss and started with a kickflip and then a nollie flip. Devon bailed the nollie flip and was given his first letter. Devon gave Robbie an “S” with a nollie inward heel. They were both making hard tricks like fakie 360 flips but Robbie eventually took out Devon to end up in 4th Place at the end. It seems like relatively easy tricks took people out. Robbie bailed a nollie 360 when he was in the Finals, which is super easy to just kind of sketch out and ride away with minimal pop. There were five people in the Finals skating against each other. The results were like this:

1st – Malcom Seaman
2nd – PJ Castellano
3rd – Connor Kammerer
4th – Robbie Kirkland
5th – Parker Landers

Here are some more random notes from the Contest:

Dustin Eggling made it to the next rounds but was nowhere to be found when his match started, so he was out by forfeit.

SPoT employee Ryan Dodge was doing switch 360 flips and switch hard flips, but that wasn’t enough to take out PJ Castellano that he was up against.

This one kid from London whose first name I can’t remember (his last name is Clark) was looking like he was going to go pretty far, but he got taken out with a nollie double flip in a match up with Connor Kammerer, who went on to 3rd Place.


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