Vans Clash of the Crews 2020 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Vans Clash of the Crews 2020

Posted on Friday, January 24, 2020 by Chris

The only thing that comes close to Tampa Pro is having a bunch of friends from your favorite skate shops come battle it out in a head to head competition right under your own roof. That's just what Clash of the Crews is, and this year did not disappoint. Check out the weekend's carnage.

Video: Jason Malley
Photos: Josh Bowser


Jake is hyped to be here…
This photo needs a little word bubble coming out of dude’s mouth… Drew Hoffman : Frontside Ollie
Keenan Lewis : Alley Oop 540!
Eli Williams : That Flick Tailgrab
Griffin Faulkner : Back Smith Stall w/ a Disaster into the Quarter for safe measure
This is what happens when you forget how fast Jake skates…
Jake Yanko : Back Tail Revert
Big Wes, Big Texas Plant
Congrats on taking First Place in the Bowl Jam Jake!
Time to die in the Vans Death Race! Brian signing up the Crews.
The launch zone at the start was hectic!
If you didn’t die on the Pyramid, you still had to survive this sketchy turn on the Quarter Pipe.
Tons of the guys fell victim to this pole near the little Quarter, all three of these dudes ended up running into it at once…
Fast fucking faster!
Alex Johnson was enjoying Flag Duty. “I could just get nasty with this thing…”
A very stylish way to cross the Finish line.
Lucha Connor was ready to go full speed ahead!
“Lets do this”.
The final race begins…
After some insane slams and recoveries, Jonah Childs takes First Place!
Congratulations to the winners and thank you for the entertainment tonight!


The day begins at the Boards for Bros tent, where a few guys from the Black Sheep crew helped assemble skateboards for kids in need.
SPoT Family John Gow and the next generation of Gow rippers.
Big Tim G with a strong Front Tail during Practice
Sean Powderly : Nollie Heel the A Frame every try
Antonio Massey : Half Cab Noseslide
Shane Carter : Back Noseblunt
Noah Pollard : Gap to Back Smith…heavy
Jack Mckee : Feeble thru the Kinks
Alex Szlaboni keeps the Judges attention with a big Gap to Lip.
SPoTTeam rider James Cobb w/ a powerful Kickflip over the Rail
Austin Schneider is a ray of sunshine.
John Montesi reppin for Westside and Gary Smith repine for Vu Skateshop. Thanks for coming out fellas!
Catalyst represent!
Elijah Allred wearing All Blue on this Front Feeble.
Front Feeble Inception with Marcos Montoya and Elijah Alred.
Marcos Front Crooks the Distance, Down, Across and Down Again.
Cali Jeff likes to go Upside Down.
Tyler Kirschenbaum with a Proper Hardflip.
Tyson Zane : Switch Back Lip
Apparently I missed whatever the crowd was watching when I shot this Back Noseblunt from Jake Yanko. More proof that Vert is dead.
Cris Lesh : Nosegrind Grab over the Door Gap.
James Cobb : Fakie Flip.
Markus Jalaber : Varial Heel.
Keenan Lewis : Cab Back Lip.
Markus Jalaber : Front Shuv 50-50
Role Call with the Vans Crew. Morgan, Pat and Brad.
Alex Johnson & Yonis Molina, Peace Bros.
Cris Lesh, Stark Photo & Mikey Premet
SPoT Team members Markus Jalaber & Robby Kirkland.
Black Sheep rider Sam Sneed is really good! Gap 270 Lip during the Best Trick Contest.
Lester Cepero blowing minds with this Kickflip Front Noseblunt during Best Trick
Matt Savidakis : Front Nosegrind Pop-out
Keenan Lewis : Gap to Smith
Markus Jalaber : Gap to Front Feeble
The Permission Crew came through with a ton of used decks and wheels for Boards for Bros when they arrived. Thanks guys! This earned them a “Thanks for Nothing” Award.
The Saturday / Blue Tile Crew earned one for camping in the park and just being rad dudes. Thanks guys!
And in usual form, they offered us a rad gift…
Cheers guys!
One more Crew photo now that we are drunk!
The Vans Team held it down all weekend. This contest would not be possible without the support of Vans and we can’t thank them enough for that. Here’s a little award to show our appreciation.
Brian hands Lester that Best Trick loot. A cool $250
Congratulations Lester. You are insane!
6th Place : Graffiti Skate Zone
5th Place : Permission Skateshop
4th Place : Westside Skateshop
It’s all love…John Montesi & Brian Schaefer
3rd Place : Black Sheep Skateshop
2nd Place : Vice Skate Co.
1st Place : Skatepark of Tampa! Proud of you guys!
The Top 2 Crews celebrating together...and that's a wrap! Thank you so much to Vans for another ripping Clash of the Crews, and thanks to all the shops and crews that made it the best one yet. See you at Tampa Pro!


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