Photos From the Vans Rowan Zorilla Release Party Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Photos From the Vans Rowan Zorilla Release Party

Posted on Thursday, March 26, 2020 by Chris

Vans went all out on this one. 3 hardcore bands playing right in the middle of our kiddie course, free giveaways, a best trick contest, and oh yeah...the release of Rowan's newest pro model.

Photos: Josh Bowser
We are here at SPoT the celebrate the release of the Rowan Pro Model shoe from Vans Skate. Shoe looks like an instant classic to me…find your size in the shop or on the site right now
Some of us raise beers. Thank you Vans for the FREE Modelo!
Don’t be scared, its just FREE pizza courtesy of Vans.
When you’re tired of holding your brew…
First band up is ‘Dire Need’, they shred…
And the lead singer’s Champion Overalls are fucking sick!
Dire Need.
So much going on here that some people had trouble decided what to pay attention to. Rolo staring at Tyler skating while Steve watches the second band ‘Point of Contact’
They have an awesome energy and the band members looked like they were having a good time.
I mean how often do you see members of a hardcore band smiling??
In between the 2nd and 3rd bands we threw a Best Trick Contest over this Bump to Table for a few pairs of Rowan’s new shoe. Wes made quick work of this Front Shuv
Wes : Full Cab
Traffic jam on the Runway.
Traffic jam on the Landing.
Brian Adams avoided the Bump to Table all together.
Jordi Zapata launches a Switch Flip to take First Place.
Your champions holding the loot, a new pair of Rowan Pro’s.
Three Knee Deep out of Tampa closed out the night with a strong performance, and the crowd was really feeling it. Thank you to everyone for coming and a huge shout out to the bands and to Vans for making it possible!


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