Tampa Am 2021 Thursday Practice Photos - Gavin Bottger, Kieran Woolley, Kristion Jordon Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2021 Thursday Practice Photos - Gavin Bottger, Kieran Woolley, Kristion Jordon

Posted on Friday, November 19, 2021 by Matt Shail

Thursday's practice was insane. Here's a look back at the day!

Photos by Bart Jones & Jon Carter

Kieran Woolley sets it off with a stinky one.
Alex Lobasyuk holds it down on the other side of the park with a picture perfect KF Front Board.
You ain’t gettin’ here without getting past these guys!
Kristion Jordan keeps it comfy in the sweats.
Caught Andrew Cannon in the rain.
Primitive far east royalty, Kyonosuke Kf Backtails the Hubba.
We have a massage tent here now.. it’s dope.
Tyler Brandt exemplifies what a proper Crailslide should look like.
Name that boy band! Andrew, Paul, and Brian stop the show to give everyone the contest run down.
Kairi Matsumoto cuts through the crowd with a 270 Switch Frontboard.
Real recognize real.
Boards for Bros bros being bros.
Concrete JAMdemic winner, Gavin Bottger, wall bashing in the concrete course.
Gavin Bottger goes frontside over the door.
Greyson Beal keeps it classy with a Backside Noseblunt.
Floridian Local Matthew McCauley takes the Frontside Hurricane down the whole bitch!
Real OGs
Aussie Olympian Kieran Woolley goes Boneless Banzai.
After a head on collision, Art Cordova prevails with a Frontside Flip.
Zumiez Destroyer Award in good hands with Social Media Manager Matt Shail.
Courtyard hangs with Vinicius.
Quentin polishing his skills as a grom so he can return as a pool shark.
Haters will say its not a land, Gavin Bottger with prove you wrong!
Kieran Woolley goes Mike Vallely and shuts practice down for the night.


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