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A Random Sunday in Tampa and Lakeland

Posted on Sunday, January 8, 2006 by Rob

A Random Sunday in Tampa and Lakeland
Photos and Captions by Rob Meronek

Pat Stiener took us to a few of his spots in Lakeland. This is a frontside bluntslide at a spot where Pat has learned a lot of his ledge tricks at
This cut off handicap bump to bar is Abdias Rivera's handywork. He used to live in these apartments in Tampa. It's kind a long ollie and the ramp is super mellow so you're working a little bit to get over the bar. Ryan Dodge kickflipped it no problem
Pat Stiener - nicely leveled switch back tail
Yonnie Cruz - switch backside 5-0
Looks like 100mph winds in Tampa, huh? Nah this is one of those flexible signs that Ryan Dodge is doing a nose bonk backside 180 on somewhere in Tampa. Actually, this is at the new pole jam spot. I almost flipped myself on that thing before giving up on it. Ryan wasn't feeling it either
Yesterday, this upledge was buttered up like how a fat dude eats toast by Jason Sink. Today it was still extra slick. Ryan Dodge - back smith somehwere in Tampa
Yonnie Cruz was coming pretty close to this switch heel, but no make today. I'm sure he'll be back, but for now, Yonnie Cruz - take a poop
One of the few photos of myself on the website where I'm not drunk and taking a self portrait with someone at the skateboard party. Rob Meronek - smith grind on an upledge somewhere in Tampa


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