Some Questions About The Math Quiz

Posted on Saturday, February 25, 2006 by Rob

Questions About the 411 Skateboarding Business and the Real World Quiz
I got this email from a random site visitor regarding the 411 Skateboarding Business and the Real World Quiz. Could be the longest email I've ever seen. The last two paragraphs are actually kinda funny.

The answers to his math questions are below the email.

From: James Davis [mailto:*********]
Sent: Friday, February 24, 2006 4:37 PM
Subject: 2 ?s about the 411 Sk8boarding Business & the Real World Quiz

Rob, how's it goin'? My name is James as you probably already noticed and I came across the quiz yesterday and decided to sit down a little bit longer and see if I could come up with the answers "just for the fun of it" as sad as that may seem to be. Anyway, I went through all the questions and I do have a couple ?s. On the 3rd question, the one about the parents adding "an extra 5 bucks to your original allowance amount", I came up with 2 answers depending on one factor. That factor being if the "now" allowance amount is based off of adding $5 to the original $20 per week with a B average given in question 1, or if you mean just the original $20 a week in and of itself instead. If it's $20 a week, then the answer is actually 16 1/4 but you'd have to round it up to a total of 17 weeks. If it's $25 a week, then it's 13 even. I figure the answer could be 13 since it's one of the multiple choice answers given, but I decided to e-mail you first asking since it's obvious that many people have already gotten 100% on this test.

That brings me to another topic, which is question #6, the one about "How much more time do you now have for skating each month than you previously did?". I went through this 3 times now and I'm not comin' up with any of the multiple choice answers given & this is when I decided that I'm gonna e-mail you about this contest here for sure.

Okay, I'll be lucky if you actually even read all this, but 4 real, follow through with me here & you'll see what I'm sayin'. To solve ? 6, you need to do #5 first. #5's about rent, electricity, taxes off your working wages, & # of hrs. to work to pay the bills. Elec. is $70 a mo., water is $30, & rent is $500. That's a total of $600 a mo. Next part is how many hrs. do you have 2 work to come up with that makin' $5 an hr. with 20% taken out 4 taxes. I figured I'd just do 1 1/4 or 1.25 times $600 to come up with the answer. The answer is $750 a mo. Ahight, now $5 an hr. into $750 = 150 hrs. to work each mo. to come up with the dough. ? 5 solved. Next ? please.

? # 6 is basically sayin' that you get a 25% raise at work which takes you from $5 an hr. to $6.25 an hr. & you're gettin' covey in the mags now makin' at least $500 a mo., now how many more hrs. do you have a mo. 4 sk8in' than you did before? If your totaly monthly costs are $600 & you're makin' $500 from photos, then there's only $100 left to come up with. @ $6.25 an hr., into 100 bones, then you're talkin' only 16 hrs. a mo. you still have to work at Taco Hell. So..., then you take 16 hrs. a mo. from the 150 hrs. that you were havin' to work there each mo., & the difference is 134 hrs. That's the answer to ? # 6 & it's not one of the multiple choice answers..., so quite frankly, your answers r wrong and therefore, I'm not seein' how people r comin' up with 100% on this test unless they're bein' ignor-anuses &/or doin' the exact same thing I'm doin' right now & writin' you with the same logic. I ain't gettin' no 93 & a 1/3 % when I know the real truth & you all be phruntin' like you got the right answers. Shoooooo, what you think this is, kindergarten class with Mr. Rogers tryin' 2 be a pimp wearin' an ol' Kangol tryin' 2 look like L L Cool J or sumpin' with his arms crossed like DMC? Why, I ougtta' come down there & pimpslap your ass & your momma' 4 makin' you look so ugly & stupid. & yeeah, I said stupid, S-T-U-P-I-D, not stoopid like you only with you could be. Man, my grandma can do handlplants in the halfpipe with her walker & you can't all even do math right! Whas' wrong with ya' all? Don't make me, my grandma, and Jon Comer come down there & put ya' all in check with some blackboard lessons now. Jon'll have the answers in his leg 2, so don't think I'm playin' & start actin' the fool when we show up. You try throwin' us in the mote & it's on. I'll have some gats strapped 2 my back just in case any of ya' all homies d'cide they wanna' throw down & get wreckless. I tell ya' what, you just hand over them there 411s nice & easy now, & we'll cool it off & let ya' all live, ya' dig?

Ah-ight, that's what I thought. Damn, niggaz' be trippin' down there in Tampa, ya' all can't even do math with your fingers right. What happened? Ah, let me guess, some ol' gangsta' story 'bout gettin' yo' digits cut off when ya' was just a lil' shorty fo' tryin' ta' gank some dank stuff from your hookup's crib! Um huh, well ya' should've known betta' & learned ya' lesson back then, Damn!

Ahight, well I gotta' go now, PEACE, & may the underground not live 4ever, I'm Audi 5000 G. Lata'!

Here is how to calculate the answer to the questions he's asking about - Rob.