A Day Trip To Ocala Skatepark

Posted on Tuesday, April 25, 2006 by StalkerS

A Day Trip To Ocala Skatepark
Words and photos by Stalker Steve

I took a day trip up to “The Park” in Belleview, Florida (a small town just outside of Ocala, kind of like how Mesh skatepark is just outside of Orlando in Longwood) to meet up with Jake Mednik, The Kayo Corps east coast sales rep for a photo shoot for an interview we’d been working on and I just made a skate day out of it due to how fun the park is. The Park is similar to SPoT’s vibe, but just in the woods. It’s a very loose environment with no pad rules, a low skate session fee and good ramps all over the roughly five acres of wooded property that encompasses the park. There’s a small concrete flow course that’s similar to a lot of the closer together, Oregon type parks you’ve seen. The wooden street course is fun too with a long, rectangular shaped course that’s not too alike to most of the parks in Florida. It’s good for the guys who like to blast, and it’s good for the techier guys too. The bowl is like SPoT’s as well, but with a deep end added in the mix.

These skate photos were shot at random as some serious rippers were at the park that day, and Nick Diaz was Jake’s friend along with a guy named Nick Holshoe, who was around for a minute but had to leave for work too early in the day.

Both melon grabs are by Nick Diaz and the kickflip is Rocky Grenvols. The rest are course shots.

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