People Watching in Prague

Posted on Sunday, July 9, 2006 by Rob

People Watching in Prague
By Rob Meronek

We spent a solid four hours at the clock tower throwing back beers and weird Czech food. Check out a small sample of the tourist and locals that were walking by. I stalked a bit and took the photos below.

Where do you think she's from? I don't know, but I wanna go there. Drop the dude, girl

Ice cream was a very popular choice. Yummy

This Rob Zombie looking chick was one of the few punkers we spotted

Fag bags and Air Ghandi's are the norm here

Check out this dude's get-up. Maybe that's his castle in the background

Tourists? Locals? Not sure, but they're looking good. I see a man purse

Girls seem to like white pants here. I have no problem with that

Of course the orientals got their cameras. Wait, that's what I look like

An Abercrombie shirt? Hmm, must be plain old American chick

When you're done checking out the girls, note that even the orientals are sporting the Air Ghandi's

A hair sweater and purple shorts. All he's missing are some Scotty Conley Limited Edition Human Hair Socks

Looking good in a fishnet top

Every hour at the clock tower, huge crowds gather to watch what's basically a sophisticated coo coo clock. It's pretty uneventful, but somehow everyone's highly entertained by it. I was more entertained by the crowd itself

German maybe? Or a Prague local?

Although there are many good looking girls here, many of them have some pretty busted style like this girl here waiting for the coo coo clock show

Shopping bags, a camera, and a map - think she's a tourist?

Serious Euro mulletude

A video camera, a man purse, that electric shirt, and a ride in the Euro rickshaw. Life is treating this guy real good

I think she's a soccer hooligan

Euro lesbians? Nah, all girls hold hands like they all go to the bathroom together

I like the plain Jane girls that look good in no make up. There's another soccer hooligan chick on the right

Americans! I think they're from Arkansas, or maybe Minnesota. Yeah, they look corn fed

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