Make-A-Wish Texas Skate Jam 2006 After-Party Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Make-A-Wish Texas Skate Jam 2006 After-Party

Posted on Monday, November 6, 2006 by Rob

Make-A-Wish Texas Skate Jam 2006 After-Party
Photos and Captions by Rob Meronek

Things started at the bar next door. Two of the first two people in there, Dune and I

We're in Darrell Stanton's OG hometown. I don't think this bar was one of his local spots, though

Can't remember her real name, but I see her every year. Nickname: Sexy Skate Park Voice. The first year we were there, she got on the mic and threw everyone out at closing. Sexiest voice I've ever been kicked out of a skate park by, hence the nickname. Mike Espinoza BGP's

Filmer Sara - not a bad mean face

Foot fetish shot number one for the night. We got all kinds of brands going on here - Adio, eS, etnies, Osiris, and even some Converse

Ok, enough of the country bar. We're off to the After-Party. The cab driver was an oriental that probably couldn't even find China on a map. He got us a little lost on the way there while I threw out every Asian joke I have on him

If you see photographer Yoon Sul, call him Kenny Anderson. That's him with Daniel Castillo and a skateboard ice sculpture. As weird as that is, this is actually the second party I've been to that has a skateboard ice sculpture. Wow

The number of drink tickets you get at the skateboard party is a direct reflection of your social status in the sketchy skateboard industry. Karyn from Zumiez with all her tickets is like Paris Hilton status and Kris Markovich and I are like Kato Kalin status (no tix)

Foot fetish shot number two for the night. That's a close up of Tony from Matix's patent leathers. Are those DVS or Lakai?

Ok, as usual, I gave someone else the camera to get lost with. Not sure who took this one of Darin from Deluxe and Filmer Sara. There seemed to be a lot of non-alcoholic beers floating around for the youngsters

Ok, I guess I got the camera back for a bit. April from South Shore makes her best attempt at the mean face

Ok, now someone else has the camera. I think Filmer Sara is rolling with it now. This is Rick Eusey. Jakes BGP's. Damn, there were cops at the party, too

Can't remember who that is on the left (update: It's Justin Brock). You of course know Nick Dompierre. That's Gina from Zumiez in the middle. Mmmm, Gina

Filmer Sara's still on camera duty. This is Chris Troy and Brian Schaefer inhaling with his ear

Is that Tony Silva?

Filmer Sara's everywhere with the party shots. That's Kenny Anderson

Ok, I got the camera back now. That's Chaz Pineda getting all macho on Kris Markovich

I had to stop and take a quick break to roll some dice with Kris Markovich. One dollar games quickly escalated into Jacksons where I cleaned Kris out. We were back to one dollar games at the bar after that

As of November 1, Tony Tave is now officially pro

Charla and Celina - I see them out every year. Here's 2005 post silicone, and 2002 pre silicone

Alright, now Schaefer has the camera. I got it back with a ton of photos of Trace Saylor on ninja steez

Schaefer knows what's up with the self portraits. That's Leticia from Consolidated

More of that non-alcoholic beer going around to the young'ins. That's Travis Howell, the Adio photograher, Chris Troy, and David Gravette

Schaefer ain't skeerd to take photos in the bathroom. That's Benny Fairfax in the vanity mirror

That's Stu from Zumiez. He's disrespecting the joint and setting a great example for you to piss in the trash can next time you go to Zumiez. Wait, maybe that's his drunk ass alter-ego, Martin. Whoever it is, the Zumiez staff is a cool crew to throw a few back with

Vince Del Valle will shred the streets, the tranny, and the party

Ernie Torres, Gina from Zumiez (mmm, Gina), that one dude, and Derek Fukuhara

So I got the camera back now going full paparazzi status on Gina. Mmm, Gina

The authorities were right there partying with us. Look at this dude quadruple fisting. I wonder if he can still shoot straight

Clint Peterson and Leticia from Consolidated

Richie Belton and Karyn from Zumiez. Yo Karyn, gimme a drink ticket!

Another minor aquaintance I run into every year. That's Day making her best mean face. Looks good. Here she is last year and the year before. See you next year for an updated photo, Day (or is it Dae? not sure)

Last call, everyone out - Rob Gonzalez and The Nuge are hanging out in the parking lot wondering what to do like I am

Schaefer calls me and says they're on the Adio RV waiting outside. I wander into the first RV I see and, what a second, this thing's full of Jocko Biffarellie's. Oops, wrong bus. Happy birthday, see you fags later

Ahhh, this is where I want to be. Heavy metal RV ride back to the hotel. Full mosh pit begins in t-minus one minute...

...and we're off! Legs in the air, Schaefer flipping me over his shoulders, and one camera takes a poop in the process. Damn, another one down the drain. Oh well

Schaefer attempts to crowd surf. That table didn't survive the ride home. No more photos because there's no more camera. Good night. See you next year


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