Purchase the Tampa Am Experience 2002 Video

Posted on Wednesday, March 6, 2002 by PROMOTION

Buy "The Tampa AM Experience 2002" Online Right Now!!!!

Caswell Berry gap to lips the pyramid
Lindsey Robertson back 180 heel flips the pyramid
SPoT, in conjunction with SwitchMagazine.com, has produced this documentation of the legendary contest known as Tampa Am. Don't miss the amazing skating, candid interviews, and overall chaos of the entire weekend. "2002 Tampa Am Experience" will be for sale for $14.95 in the Skatepark shop and world-wide shortly thereafter. You can buy it online right now for that price plus $3.95 shipping and handling for anywhere in the US.

If you would like to purchase the video right now, click the "Order Now" button below and we'll ship it to you by US Priority Mail within one business day of your order. You'll be one of the first ones with the video in your hands if you order now directly from the Skatepark of Tampa.

If you want to order several copies or you're not located in the United States, email sales@skateparkoftampa.com for large quantity shipping rates. Sorry, PAL not available.

Although not normally this goofy, this is Barak Wiser and Rob Meronek. They'll be handling your order. Along with Brian Schaefer and Ryan Clements, they're two of the hardest working people in skateboarding. You can email either of them at any time for questions about your order or the video (Rob@SkateparkOfTampa.com or Barak@SkateparkOfTampa.com). As you know, our operation is 100% run by skateboarders - from this website to the people who take and pack your orders. As usual, we will give you nothing but the best customer service you'll find anywhere out there. Thanks for supporting us and real skateboarding.

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