Venice Beach Lurk Out Part Two Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Venice Beach Lurk Out Part Two

Posted on Saturday, May 19, 2007 by Rob

Venice Beach Lurk Out Part Two

We got lost for a bit and ended up in some random neighborhoods. There are some amazing homes in this area

Someone could ollie this pyramid

You could use your car to jump this one

Look to your right when you go over that bridge and you see this

This guy was tripping on me taking photos out the car window, so I took a picture of him. So, when he rolled down his window to say something to me, I just took more pictures of him

Another random Venice neighborhood. It's lookin' real Florida style in some places here

Had to pause for a quick skateboard business meeting to plan and review the contest format and other general bid'niss stuff

Then we went to Leonard Trubia's house. He lives with Robbie McKinley and Chris Roberts. That's Robbie, Leonard, and Schaefer

Leonard took us to this shop that has a mini ramp

Leonard Trubia - manual layback rollout. We should put him in the cut for the Manny Mania tomorrow for that one

Clements is lookin' like Lobster Boy on this 5-0 fakie

Brian Schaefer - back lip. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Ryan Clements - Manny Mania out to pivot to fakie. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Brian Schaefer - frontside disaster

The shop has an area you can skate flat ground in. That's a switch heel snap right there

The shop is huge. There's even a five stair in there that you can skate, but there was clothing racks in front of it today

Big snaps switch heel kid also has some tranny skills

We're back on the Venice Beach lurk out now. I walk into the hotel lobby and this is the first thing I see. Holy baby horse mullet! I like the tomahawk chop double nosepick

This guy is a Venice Beach lurker local. Schaefer was passing out ones to everyone like he was in a strip bar

Apparently, he was in some movie and has a nickname. He sells t-shirts with his name on it and also has CD's

A generic skate shop simply called Venice Beach Skateboarding Stuff

This weirdo's show was to walk on this glass. Before he actually does it, he has to hype it up and get a crowd gathered around him

I was here early in the morning, and trampoline guy was jumping. I came back later in the day, and trampoline guy was still on the bounce

A couple blocks away from the other skateboarding stuff store is this skateboarding stuff store

Santa kicks it here when he's not a the North Pole

A skateboard is a very popular mode of transportation here. The board apparently wore this guy out

Where's Bobby Fischer?

Creepy naked snake guy. Nice shoes

Creepy piano lady keeps you entertained while you stare at creepy naked snake guy

This is Ass Muscle Beach, the gym right in the mix

Now it's on for nightlife. We rolled over to Long Beach to meet up with the fourth leg of SPoTlight Productions, Jason Rothmeyer

Then we went to some bar in Long Beach and saw Nate Jones' band. Dave Duren is on bass

I'm a Nate Jones fan for sure

Ok, we're out. Good night. Check the live webcast today


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