Creature Premiere Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Creature Premiere

Posted on Wednesday, May 23, 2007 by Gow

Creature Premiere
Words by John Gow
Phots by John Gow and Angel Carela
Captions by Rob Meronek
  • Jorge and I arrived back at the Skatepark around 6:30.
  • Angel was setting up his fresh new hesh board courtesy of Creature and BW.
  • I had him give me a two minute lesson on the camera and then tried to take some photos.
  • But, due to the camera’s lack of focus and probably my own after about 15 minutes of blowing it and a few chill shots later, I gave the camera back to the guy who spends most of his time taking foot fetish photos that don’t take place late night and from then on it was all good.
  • Thus spawning a pretty righteous session. I had Bristol making announcements promptly every 15 minutes on the dot.
  • Halfway through the session I decided to bring out the goods minus the board that I hid for the right moment. So, it was five shirts. I held a best trick contest on the entire course giving the top five best tricks in the session a t-shirt.
  • The shirts went to Brandon Baker, Justin Pelland, JJ Sharkey, Taylor Forseman, and a random baby ripper who was fearless when it came to the flow bar which was as tall as he was.
  • Justin Pelland proceeded to smith grind everything in site frontside and backside as well as throw down plenty of tailslides and a kickflip 5-0 down the hubba thus earning one of the five shirts right away.
  • Brandon Baker came through with a barrage of flip tricks on the roll in and a backside 180 absolutely blasted over the kahuna hip. But, he definitely still wears his high beams. He earned shirt # 2.
  • JJ Sharkey, another one in the beam club, dropped a kickflip front board on the smaller of the two handrails for shirt 3.
  • Then, an unknown weif, whose dad watched repeatedly while he racked his chest on the rail as tall as he was in the process of trying to front board it, thus earning shirt 4 for courage, bravery, and toughness alone.
  • As for the fifth shirt, Aw Geez. I’ve seen this kid Taylor Forseman ripping our All Ages Contests apart with better runs each time for about two years or so now. He put down plenty of effortless tre flips over the bank to bank, a huge backside flip into the step up, a steezy kickflip 5-0 on the pyramid gap to ledge, and then there was the ender.
  • Right when he started trying the kickflip backlip I pretty much knew he had it in the bag. But then about 30 minutes and as many tries later he was almost breaking his board and his ankle every time so I started to worry. Contest winding down and it nearing 8pm (video time), I started to encourage him and stress the urgency of rolling away. With the pressure on and 5 minutes to go I finally let the cat out of the bag and told him if he landed it not only was he getting a shirt but a board as well.
  • The very next try he put it down perfect like he was waiting for me to up the ante the whole time and claimed his prize.
  • As for the video Black Metal the title pretty much says it all. HARDCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Creatures those guys are.
  • It included insane skating from the whole clan. Good guest appearances, and quoted by Ian Gow “The gnarliest 50-50 of all time by David Gravette.” Then everyone went home full from the popcorn assembly line shane had setup properly despite a bad headache and got headaches themselves from all the black metal Creature inspired them to play the rest of the night.

I wonder how many times Beamin' Baker said, "Take a picture of me" this night.
I went ahead and photoshopped a fire hydrant under the dog piss stance guy in the background.
Sean has started to mess around with the whole photography thing. This is a frontside grind in the kiddie course.
Jake - back heel on the kiddie course.
JJ - front board, stiff as a board.
Homosexuals are envious of that wrist on Justin's kickflip backside 50-50.
Baby Andy Mac goes for it frontside. Actually, all little kids in full pads remind me of Andy Mac.
Those stripes on Jorge's shirt should be white like a referee so he can blow the whistle on this suspect looking nollie flip.
Did Baby Jamie grow a full beard? That's a kickflip back lip.
Baby Jamie could almost be the Tampa Timmy Knuth.


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