Random Snaps from St. Pete and Turtle Ditch

Posted on Sunday, June 17, 2007 by Rob

Random Snaps from St. Pete and Turtle Ditch
Photos by Rob Meronek and Drunk Aaron
Captions by Rob Meronek

At the end of the Turtle Ditch, someone set up this crazy sattelite dish with no pushing room. Maybe the BMX Buddies did this one. This is really hard to skate. Drunk Aaron has an ollie to fakie on it
Here's the turtle part of the Turtle Ditch. This isn't really a take a poop, but this ollie looks like such ass, I went ahead and added the crapper. Gotta love that crack right in front of the worst thing ever to ollie out of
This guy showed up about 30 seconds before us and posted up on the bump. He said the bump is first come, first serve then sat down on it and started reading a newspaper. What a prick. He eventually moved for us, though
Drunk Aaron and I made our way over to St. Pete's plaza thing. This is Onil Diaz doing a switch backside 180 down the double set
At the end of the Turtle Ditch, there's a mellow little bump to do stuff out of. Landing sucks, though. Rob Meronek - frontside pop shuv
If you're going to ride out of something all shakka attaka like Drunk Aaron here, you better watch out for sharks
Onil Diaz was here with a full posse from Orlando. This is a fakie heelflip down the double set
This steep little bank thing is always a fun low impact time for an old guy. Rob Meronek - frontside hurricane with full Saturday Night Fever ride away
Rob Meronek - wallride backside 180 out. Thanks for holding the camera, Drunk Aaron. After this we went to the rims, drugs, gold fronts, and hos busted radio rap show at Janus Landing to attempt a repeat of the last sneak attack, but security is totally on it and it didn't work out for us. This is why I'm now at home doing the website at 1am on a Saturday night

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