Random Lurkers of Copenhagen

Posted on Thursday, July 5, 2007 by Rob

Random Lurkers of Copenhagen

I had some time to kill while waiting for the crew, so I sat in the window sill creepin' on the random lurkers of Copenhagen

Things get started late here. Right now it's 2pm and the Park has not even opened yet. There's a crew of antsy kids waiting to get in

Hammeke and I randomly stopped and got a sandwich in what I think was a gay establishment. Not that there's anything wrong, or right, with that

I ordered a turkey sandwich and it came out on some really weird bread with nuts or something in it

When you order coffee you get this tiny cup and some strange looking sugar that isn't really white

We should have a sign like this at the front desk of Skatepark of Tampa. All day long yesterday, kids were just coming and going skating the park with no employee here. Sort of weird. I'm not even sure if the park was open or closed or what

Apparently this guy was going to take us around to some local spots but got diverted

I'm trying to think of at least three good things about horrible warm beer. The only good thing I came up with is that you don't have a condensation pool getting everything wet on the table. We have been throwing down lots of room temperature beer here

Hand banana, punk rock

You don't see many people driving a pile of poop here. Even the taxis are Benzos. This guy is a long way from a Benzo

This meat spins on a stick and they shave it off and make some funky bread pocket full of it for you. Everyone's into it except me

Right now we've finally gotten our act together and we're headed to this area outside Copenhagen called Christiana. We passed by this river that was so still it was like glass

You are not allowed to take photos in Christiana so I can't show you the crazy ass friends we made, the drunk people falling all over the place, and the general shady nature of the place. There's this bowl in some warehouse there

The bowl has super tight tranny with a crazy roll in

This was another sneak attack no flash photo. They have their own beer there. Here's some text about Christiana I stole from some website: "Christiania covers an area of more than 85 acres has almost one thousand inhabitants, and every year more than a million people visit the area. It is known among those who travel there as a banner for liberated and free-spirited lifestyle. 'Christiania is a green, traffic-free city with paths, gravel roads and large water areas. Many even find the lack of street-lighting a distinct advantage - the stars appear so much brighter at night', is the unashamedly bias view the official website (www.christiania.org) has of Christiana, but visually, the description rings true. Despite what some people often think, Christiana is not a legal haven for the drug culture for which it has been associated with at times over the years from uneducated travellers. The use of hash is illegal in Denmark and possession is punishable. Christiana has been shrouded in controversy for years with the Government repeatedly trying to shut the area down. The hash booths once considered a major feature in Christiana were removed by the beginning of 2004. "

A Christiana crapper

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