Two Days in Berlin

Posted on Tuesday, July 10, 2007 by Rob

Two Days in Berlin

Good-bye Copenhagen

It's a very short flight from Copenhagen to Berlin. Just enough time to eat a rocks and dirt hippie stick granola bar and have a beer

Hello, Berlin

The first thing I did was get a McBeer with Ronald. So sick. Two Euros for a beer from McDonalds. It's cheap to hang out here compared to Copenhagen

I don't think Ronald would approve of this weird McPooper

What kind of whip is that?

Can you tell I like McDonalds? This is the Happy Meal selection

Another strange Euro pooper

That thing is my landmark for when I get super lost in the city

We're staying in super tight quarters in some random hostel we found. The place is packed

The Six Pack is going to have to squeeze into this for sleeping arrangements? Whoa

There are tons of great bands that come through here. We just missed Against Me! the other night. We found out Wu Tang is doing a show tonight. Protect ya neck. See you there

They got different Monopoly money here

I saw at least 30 beer and Pepsi mixers get poured here. That's an odd one. The bartender says drunk people like something sweet in their beer

Pissing in the streets is one of your rights here

Rolling your own cigarettes is a popular thing out here. P-Stone even lights one up every now and then

Yes, Dirty Bird is still rolling with us

Dirty Bird makes friends with everyone like Schaefer does

Weirdest meat I've ever eaten. Hope that was meat

See the dirty fingers? All they give you with a meal here is a fork and a napkin so you have to caveman it with your left hand to eat

Dirty Bird is down with the random Euros

It's tight quarters in the pissers

I took photos of street signs on a solo mission I went on to make sure I wouldn't get lost. It didn't work. Three hours of pushing and wandering around later, I met back up with the Six Pack

They're all on the way to our hostel

They got their own version of the Jersey barrier here

Even the newer buildings out here have class and style

Gas station chicken is probably the best meal you can find here in Berlin

What you got on this?

What you got on that? I got nothing because my ankle is still jacked. At least I can push around still

I can't even do a Berlin wall ride and I'm standing right in front of it. Lame

I think I'm making it pretty obvious that I'm a tourist by staring at all the buildings for way too long

Later that night, Schaefer and I had a nice romantic dude dinner at some Italian place down the street

Finally! Some meat and potatos. That's a filet that was huge and only cost 15 Euros. At a place this nice in the States it would be about 30 bucks. I know my filet and this was some quality eats. The stuff on the top sucks, though

Before heading back to the hostel to pile up with six sweaty dirty dudes, we stopped at some strip bar on the way and made some new frieds

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