Skinema Book Release Party Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Skinema Book Release Party

Posted on Thursday, July 19, 2007 by Barak

Skinema Book Release Party
By Barak Wiser

We hosted a book release party for Chris Nieratko's new book, Skinema, on 7-7-7. Chris brought a porn star. What else do you do on Holy Day? I mean, you're going to have a good time when that happens, right?

Chris had the pleasure of interviewing Brandie May,the aforementioned porn star, before bringing her to the party along with her husband, and Crissy, Chris's wife. That's right, Chris married Criss and they want to have kids and name them all Chris. Except it will be Chris One, Chris Two, and so on. I can hear it now. "Chris One, take little Chris Three to take a number two and don't forget to wipe."

As the night coasted on, Chris put on a slide show presentation. I'm not one for slide shows, but if Chris is telling a story and he has a visual aid, it should prove to be entertaining...and it was. You missed it. You should have dipped out of that wedding or art show and came and drank free Colt 45 with us. I heard 20 million people got married in Tampa that day. That should indicate about 19 million divorces next year. Wow. Okay, it was only 10 million. I lied.

If you're fond of chuckling and reading stories of a madman, you'll find this book irresistible. Check out Skinema. We have it for sale in our Shop and on our fine website.

Thanks to Nike SB for first-class gift bags, Colt 45 for the scrumptious beer, and Vice for transporting Chris and his lovely wife our way.

Now, go acquire his book so he can afford to feed the litter of babies they're trying to make.

The guy from The Life Aquatic
The cool kids
Thanks Red Bull, Colt 45, and Nike SB
Thanks for the beer, mate
Pregnant, without a care in the world
Nick and Jen are having a baby. I'm jealous
Mmmm, Chocolate
Cris Nieratko and Nick Halkias
My name in lights


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