A Mellow Week in Rotterdam

Posted on Saturday, July 28, 2007 by Rob

A Mellow Week in Rotterdam
We're in our hotel in Rotterdam in this video below. Gravette has just asked Schaefer for the username and password for the internet so he can go to his room and use it. Schaefer slowly gives him "SHS/m-a-r-i-j-u-a-n-a" as the username. Gravette doesn't notice what it spells while he writes it down. A few minutes later, he calls our room back asking for help. This is the call where he finally figures out what happened. Following that is Curren Caples giving it his all to get his board down from the top of the large bank ramp at the Contest. Warning for American moms and dads: there is bad language in this video so don't click if the language kids use offends you.

The Contest is in a giant stadium so it's a little weird, but they're treating everyone right with great catering and free drinks

The street course is huge. They have enough room to go ahead and build a boat in the center with a mini Mega Ramp human cannonball hucker

Here's an overview of the street course and Adam Dyet's gooch

Bryan Herman is here snapping head high flicks

Bryan Herman - wow, that's a nollie inward heel

There are plenty of other benches, but we're a tight crew

Anthony Schultz is always ready to start a serious hacky sack game

I'm not having the best luck with food in Holland. This was a "Club Sandwich" on the menu. Then this thing with orange bread, weird yellow sauce, egg (I think), and cucumbers in it shows up. I'm not even taking a bite of that sketchy grub

We took our new friends Maria and Sille to KFC. They had never eaten there but after this fantastic feast, they're now fans of the Colonel

Monika is helping to run the event this weekend. Because of her, we've all had beds, showers, and actual soap and stuff. Thanks for all the hookups, Monika

Dyet has the mobile bar with the Heineken mini-keg

Rotterdam is about an hour away by train from Amsterdam. It's very different but they still have coffee shops and weed mania everywhere. These giant joints are in the lawn across from our hotel

And yes, the coffee shops also serve great coffee

That's Chris Pfanner's feet. He designed those Vans Chukka lows and they're looking pretty tight. Vans Lea, please send some 8.5's

Slap Magazine had a 15-Year Anniversary party and photo show

The party was in a skate shop right next to the hotel. Thanks for the free sauce

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