A Random Tour of Clem's Office Article at Skatepark of Tampa

A Random Tour of Clem's Office

Posted on Monday, August 20, 2007 by Ryan

by Rob Meronek

Last week while Clements was hanging out in New York City, I lurked through his office and found all kinds of neat stuff...

When you first walk in, you'll notice there's a place for everything and everything in it's place. The only thing that could get the top my my desk that clean is if I tipped it over

Red Bull Sarah keeps this filled for us. Fuel for a long day in the sketchy skateboard industry

Did you know Clem has a "Drink Coffee and Destroy" tattoo? He makes coffee blacker than a cup of oil

A postcard from Chad Bartie on the bulletin board

A few of us have this tidbit of motivational speaking hanging in our office. Seems like common sense to me

Allen Russel went ahead and redesigned the SPoT Team Page for us. What are those shakka jock necklaces for?

There's a SPoT graphic that never made it. I'm sure the people on those driver license copies did something real bad to us

While it might seem like one big skateboard party to you on the outside, many of us here work more than average and are constantly juggling several jobs and priorities during the week. Ryan does a great job. Me, not so much

All his office stuff is lined up perfectly like soldiers

Only a machine could stack papers neater than that

This is what Ryan sees from his chair looking out. Check Barak's office out - lots of cool stuff in there. Next time he takes a day off, we'll go snoop through all his stuff, too

This fancy liquor was a gift from someone. I'm pretty sure Clements doesn't buy radio rapper stuff like this. Here's a Jeru the Damaja lyric: "Don't drink Crystal and I can't stand Mo. Never received currencty for moving a kilo, or an ounce, make 'em bounce to this fake pimp type freeflow. I never knew huslters confessed in stereo."

What? The liquor cabinet is unlocked? I need to take a bottle and take the day off

That's a Derewenko photo of Kyle Berard along with what looks like some items stolen from a fancy hotel room

I believe that creppy hand thing is some of Chad Cardoza's work

Hmm, what has Ryan been using that apple for?

Mark Akiyama makes glass and mirrors for us. On the left is Clem's trophy from winning the Old Man Bowl Jam a couple years back

I don't know about this thing. I think it's kind of a joke

Get your edumakation and you will have the Benjamins chasin'

What did we do for the Sheriff? Whatever it was, I'm glad we stopped in 2005

Looks like this is where all unclaimed Tampa Am and Pro tropies go

Clem and Sheckler should compare their skateboard trophy cases


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