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Website Updates

Posted on Tuesday, September 25, 2007 by Rob

by Rob Meronek

I made some changes to the site. As far as the Shop goes, just go to any category’s page to see the newest arrivals in that category listed on the right hand side. Click on any company page and you see all the new stuff from that company on the right along with a category selection. The Coming Soon page shows stuff that’s on the way. The In Shop Only page shows stuff we have in stock but we can’t sell online. Gone are two things that pretty much never got used: Build a Complete and the Wish List feature. You still get an automatic 7% discount when you have all the items for a complete in your shopping cart, however. To replace the Wish List feature, now when you add stuff to your cart, you can email your cart to whoever you want. Your sugar daddy can then click a link in that email to buy your cart for you.

As far as the Chill Time section, there is now html code on each photo page so you can use our photos on your site (ok, your myspace). Same goes for skater profiles. Look for the html code box to copy.

Skater comments are now back, but they will be heavily censored. Talk mad personal crap about someone and the only one that will hear it is you. Pissed ex-girlfriends of skaters, please go somewhere else. Those comments will never make it onto the site.

Ads are in random places now, too. They’re all skateboarding only and only for either content or products we carry in the shop. If your company has stuff in our shop, you’re welcome to send over some banner ads. It’s free. Email me for the details.

That’s about it for now. Most of the changes are nerdy computer coding things you’ll never know about – stuff that makes the site run quicker, things that make my job easier to maintain the site, various crap to battle sketchy people trying to use stolen credit cards online, etc. Thanks to Barak and Angel for helping out with some graphics on the site. Other than that, it’s pretty much a one man show and there will definitely be mistakes I don’t catch. Let me know if you find anything wrong somewhere.


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