Bones Bones Super Swiss Six Ball Bearings

Bones Super Swiss 6™ bearings (SS6) are fundamentally different from the famous Bones Swiss. Super Swiss have 6, 3/16 inch balls instead of 7, 5/32 inch balls. Thus, the SS6 balls are 20% larger and roll fewer times to go the same distance. Like bigger wheels on a car, they create less rolling friction and have a higher top speed. SS6's special design and Swiss quality materials enable it to accelerate quicker, roll faster, and resist the impact of skate trick landings better than standard designs. Includes Set of 8 bearings Pre-lubed with Speed Cream 4 bearing spacers Instructions Sticker Features Six Ball Design is Stronger Faster Roll, Quicker Acceleration Pre-Lubricated with Speed Cream™ Easy Cleaning & Re-lubricating Removable High Speed Nylon Ball Cage Non-contact Removable Rubber Shield Bones Skate Rated™ Design & Quality*
Sorry, this product is currently not in stock. Below are colors we've previously had. Email with any questions.

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New bearings without new wheels??? Don't run it like that!