Damn Am Woodward West: Thanks for Nothing Award Results

1: Alan Sabanero

Alan Sabanero
Sponsors: La Fuente Skateshop
Notes: Team Mexico killed it all weekend.

2: Patricio Sodi

Patricio Sodi
Sponsors: Beat Skateboards
Hometown: Mexico City Mexico
Notes: Team Mexico killed it all weekend.

3: Alberto Navarro

Alberto Navarro
Sponsors: Tricolor (Flow), Rata Wheels, #bw
Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico
Notes: Team Mexico killed it all weekend.

4: Jorge Farah (Cervera)

Jorge Farah (Cervera)
Sponsors: Element skateboards, Casta Propaganda, Arre Baleros, Dzec lijas, Badfish store
Hometown: Yucatan Mexico
Notes: Team Mexico killed it all weekend.

5: Dila Sandoval

Dila Sandoval
Sponsors: Tricolor Skateboards, Nike SB (Mexico), Gato Negro Grip, Arre Bearings, 643 Supply Co.
Hometown: Mexico

6: Neal Hendrix

Neal Hendrix
Sponsors: Vans, Destructo, Type S Wheels, Triple 8
Hometown: Redondo Beach CA
Notes: Neal, Linnea, Brittany, Chris, Gary, Jake, Dustin, Darlene, Richie, and All of Woodward - Thanks for keeping the vert dream alive Neal, and Linnea for the amazing hospitality!

7: Philip Meranto aka PIP

Philip Meranto aka PIP
Sponsors: Pharmacy, KR3W, Mystery Skateboards, New Balance numeric
Hometown: Las Vegas NV
Notes: All of Pharmacy for always backing our events, and rollin' with an army of great skaters, parents, and family.

8: Jimmy Astleford

Jimmy Astleford
Sponsors: Mada, DC Shoe Co., Pacific Drive
Hometown: San Marcos CA
Notes: Thanks for the support, bringing the crew, and forgiving Schaefer for not going to City Slickers