Damn Am Minneapolis 2008 Street Finals Results

1: Evan Smith

Evan Smith
Sponsors: Element, DC Shoes, DC Apparel, Bones Wheels, Swiss, Indy, Creative Life Support
Hometown: Orlando FL
Notes: Evan's Winning Run: Wallie lipslide on the hubba, backside smith grind on the bump to bar, backside 180 nosegrind on the bump to box, nollie heelflip noseslide down the hubba, backside noseblunt on the bank to wall, backside 5-0 on the bump to box, ollie impossible over the bank to bank, backside disaster on the quarter pipe, backside lipslide frontside 270 out on the flat box.

2: Chaz Ortiz

Chaz Ortiz
Sponsors: Zoo York, FKD, Silver Trucks, Gatorade, Diamond Supply Co., Grizzly Grip, Markisa, Supra, Primitive, Bliss Wheel Co.
Hometown: Chicago IL
Chaz Ortiz Signature Blacklight Abec 7 Bearings Blue Chaz Ortiz Signature Blacklight Abec 7 Bearings $20.00
Chaz Ortiz Everlast M-Class Set Trucks Blue/ Silver Chaz Ortiz Everlast M-Class Set Trucks $43.00

3: Davis Torgerson

Davis Torgerson
Sponsors: DC, Spitfire, Thunder, Familia, Real, Glassy, Bones Swiss
Hometown: Plymouth MN
Davis Torgerson Floral Embossed Deck N/A Davis Torgerson Floral Embossed Deck $50.00

4: Cody Davis

Cody Davis
Sponsors: Imperial Skateboards, Mountain Dew, 3rd Lair, Dakine, Destructo, krysp Headwear
Hometown: Ramsey MN

5: Chris Mendes

Chris Mendes
Sponsors: Active, Thunder (flow), Spitfire (flow), Diamond (flow)
Hometown: Moreno Valley CA

6: Ben Gore

Ben Gore
Sponsors: Magenta Skateboards, Venture, Billabong, MIA, HiFi Wheels, Bones Swiss
Hometown: Pompano FL
Ben Gore Infinity Deck N/A Ben Gore Infinity Deck $50.00

7: Dylan Perry

Dylan Perry
Sponsors: Skatepark of Tampa, etnies (flow), Dakine (flow), Bones (flow), Destructo (flow), Altamont (flow), Stance (flow), OFFTHATWET, SHAQUEEFA OG
Hometown: Tampa FL

8: David Loy

David Loy
Sponsors: Birdhouse, Converse, Ricta, Mob, Thunder, Active, Glassy, Diamond, Bones Swiss
Hometown: Santa Ana CA

9: Nate Compher

Nate Compher
Sponsors: Chocolate (flow), Familia Skateshop, Lakai (flow), Matix (flow)
Hometown: Minneapolis MN

10: Curren Caples

Curren Caples
Sponsors: Flip Skateboards, Oakley, Hurley, RVCA, Indy, Vans, Ricta Wheels, Mob Grip, Momentum Ride Shop, Bones Swiss, Monster
Hometown: Ventura CA
Curren Caples Unmatched Deck N/A Curren Caples Unmatched Deck $50.00

11: CJ Tambornino

CJ Tambornino
Sponsors: Cal Surf, Nike, Venture, The Hundreds, Almost, Bones
Hometown: Minneapolis MN

12: Manny Santiago

Manny Santiago
Sponsors: Ecko Unltd, Rockstar Energy, Ammo, Tensor, Flat Fitty, MSA, Etcetera, Grizzly, Diamond, Andele Bearings, Bliss Wheels, Ion Cameras, PSD, Sk8Hop
Hometown: Lowell MA