Copenhagen Pro 2009 Street Finals Results

1: Torey Pudwill

Torey Pudwill
Sponsors: DVS, Venture, Grizzly grip, Plan B, Diamond, Red Bull, CCS, Select Wheels, Bones Bearings, Dakine, Nixon, Markisa, Primitive, Happy Hour Shades, Loud Headphones, Skatelab
Hometown: Simi Valley CA
Notes: $10,000
Torey Pudwill Lines Deck N/A Torey Pudwill Lines Deck $50.00
Stamp Print Griptape Lemon Stamp Print Griptape $8.00
Stamp Print Griptape Black/ Camo Stamp Print Griptape $8.00

2: Eric Koston

Eric Koston
Sponsors: Girl, Four Star, Independent, Spitfire, Diamond, Nike SB,, Oakley, Jessup (flow), Skullcandy, Supreme
Hometown: Hollywood CA
Notes: $7,000
Eric Koston Skull of Fame Deck N/A Eric Koston Skull of Fame Deck $50.00
Eric Koston Lose Your Marbles Deck N/A Eric Koston Lose Your Marbles Deck $50.00
Zoom Eric Koston Shoes Pure Platinum/ Team Red/ White Zoom Eric Koston Shoes $85.00

3: Eero Antilla

Eero Antilla
Sponsors: Perus
Hometown: Tampere Finland
Notes: $6,000

4: Zered Bassett

Zered Bassett
Sponsors: Red Bull, Swiss, Tensor, Mob Grip, Expedition, Converse, Spitfire, Hombre Hardware
Hometown: NYC NY
Notes: $5,000
Zered Bassett Fabric E Deck N/A Zered Bassett Fabric E Deck $50.00
Zered bassett Penalty Deck N/A Zered bassett Penalty Deck $50.00
Zered Bassett Wolf It Down Deck N/A Zered Bassett Wolf It Down Deck $50.00

5: Kerry Getz

Kerry Getz
Sponsors: Habitat, Habitat Footwear, Nocturnal Skateshop, Royal, Mob Grip
Hometown: Philadelphia PA
Notes: $4,000
Kerry Getz Original Deck N/A Kerry Getz Original Deck $50.00

6: Neverton Casella

Neverton Casella
Sponsors: Rufus Skateshop, Crystal Grip, DC (flow)
Hometown: Cascavel Brazil
Notes: $3,000

7: Daniel Viera

Daniel Viera
Sponsors: Oakley, Stand Up Shoes and Clothing, Broken, LG, Face Grip, Oxx Place, New Era
Hometown: Curitiba Brazil
Notes: $2,000

8: Phil Zwijsen

Phil Zwijsen
Sponsors: Carhartt, Vans, Element, Eastpak, Lockwood Skate Shop, Rockers Wheels, Area 51 Skatepark
Hometown: Antwerp Belgium
Notes: $1,800

9: Klaus Bohms

Klaus Bohms
Sponsors: Element, Adidas
Hometown: San Bernardo San Paulo, Brazil
Notes: $1,600

10: Chris Aström

Chris Aström
Sponsors: Fallen, Painkiller, Ricta, Indy
Hometown: Sweden
Notes: $1,400

11: Matt Beach

Matt Beach
Sponsors: Nike SB, Independent, Cal's Pharmacy
Hometown: Portland OR
Notes: $1,200

12: Kilian Heuberger

Kilian Heuberger
Sponsors: Trap Skateboards, Vox, Indy, Autobahn, Ogio
Hometown: Munich Germany
Notes: $1,000