Red Bull Manny Mania Atlanta Finals Results at Skatepark of

Red Bull Manny Mania Atlanta Finals Results

1: Keelan Dadd

Sponsors: Mountain Dew, Comune clothing, Pharmacy, Venture, Gold Wheels
Hometown: Palmdale CA
Notes: Switch hardflip manual, switch double heelflip switch manual, nollie double heelflip nose manual, switch flip switch manny onto the high down to the low, switch frontside flip manny onto the high.

2: Dan Plunkett

Sponsors: Skate Mental, Stratosphere, HUF, Spitfire, Thunder, Sunday, Wal Mart, Chick-Fil-A, Dickies, Bender Hardware
Hometown: Buffalo NY
Notes: Manual impossible out on the rainbow, manual late shuv it out on the rainbow, heelflip nosemanual.

3: Matt Fink

Sponsors: Deck Specks, Ruin Skateshop, Element (Flow)
Hometown: St. Louis MO
Notes: 360 flip manual, switch ollie to manual the gap to manhole, crooked grind popover to manual on the bank, manual to crooked grind.

4: Anthony Williams

Sponsors: Organika, Diamond Supply Co, Gold Wheels, Silver Trucks, Paradox Grip, Ashbury, Praxis Footwear
Hometown: Atlanta GA
Notes: Nollie flip manual, kickflip nosemanual nollie heel out, switch heel manual.