Skateboarder Magazine Hollenbeck Jam Benefiting Make-A-Wish - Section One: Wedge Ramp and Manny Pad Results

1: Anthony Pshebelski

Sponsors: Fallen, Insight, Indy
Hometown: Temecula CA
Notes: $750 - Big heelflip off the bump, switch big heel off the bump, kickflip back smith the ledge, kickflip front blunt on the ledge.

2: Paul Flores

Sponsors: Active, Warco Skateboards, Mexico, Lakai
Hometown: Lake Elsinore CA
Notes: $500 - Kickflip crooked grind pop put on the ledge, backside nosegrind the long ledge shuv it out, frontside half cab flip off the bump, switch frontside flip off the bump.

3: Billy Davenport

Sponsors: World, Bones Wheels, Furnace Skate Shop
Hometown: Los Alamidos CA
Notes: $250 - Nollie half cab flip off the bump, nosegrind 180 out up the bump, back smith up the bump, backside flip off the bump, frontside flip off the bump.