Copenhagen Pro 2011 Bowl Jam Best Trick Results

1: Alex Perelson

Alex Perelson
Sponsors: Real, Volcom, Vans, Thunder, Spitfire, Monster, Protec, 187 pads
Hometown: San Diego CA
Notes: Backside lipslide on the oververt like they say in Copenhagen: "f*&^ing s*&$#t!!!!" $1,000

2: Raven Tershy

Raven Tershy
Sponsors: Chocolate, ACE, Diamond, Lakai, Spitfire, Skate Works, DAF, Volcom
Hometown: Santa Cruz CA
Notes: Fakie frontside nosegrind in the corner. Yeah, wait for the footage. It was gawddamn gangster. $400

3: Chris Miller

Chris Miller
Sponsors: Stereo, Bones, Thunder Trucks
Hometown: Encinitas CA
Notes: Alley oop Cab 5-0 in the deep. $300

4: Taylor Bingaman

Taylor Bingaman
Sponsors: Creature, Osiris, Brixton, Independent, Bones Wheels, Bones Bearings, Mob Grip, Goodtimes Skateshop
Hometown: Cameron Park CA
Notes: Backside tailslide shuvit over the stairs in the bowl and an overcrook over the loveseat in the deep end. Wow. $200
Taylor Bingaman Back to the Badlands Deck Multi Color Taylor Bingaman Back to the Badlands Deck $50.00

5: Daniel Cardone

Daniel Cardone
Sponsors: Quiksilver, Es, Bones, Fiate, Hosoi Skateboards, Daggers
Hometown: Bologna Italy
Notes: Frontside flip in the deep end of the bowl like a young Grant Taylor. $100